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While those aren’t necessarily the first words that may have historically come to mind when visiting a Cox Communications location, the company has totally revamped its retail stores, and you’re going to like the new experience

Today, when a Cox customer steps foot inside a new Cox retail store, they are treated to a distinctive and interactive experience. “What’s unique about our Solutions Store is that it is much more than a place to pay your bill or purchase services,” says Guy Cherp, Vice President of Sun Valley operations. “Our new store offers an inviting environment where consumers can have an interactive and true learning experience like no other.”

It’s Personal

One of the most exceptional features of the Cox Solutions Store is personalized concierge-style service that begins the moment a customer walks through the door. Each person who enters the store is greeted by a friendly Cox employee who takes any equipment they may have, determines their specific question and technical needs, and from there, directs them to the appropriate sales associate or educator for assistance.

GO_InStore_HomeTheater-email_cropAlso, unique to the Solutions Store is a learning lounge where customers can sign up for a short class to learn how to get the most out of their Cox services or become more comfortable with the basics of installing their high-speed Internet service or set-top box. Customers can learn firsthand how to hook up an X-box, enhance their viewing experience with surround sound, or get their phone and Internet to work together.

In addition, Cox’s services are on display for customers to touch and feel while learning about the various features that are important and timely in today’s fast paced and connected global society.

“Today’s world is so interactive, particularly with wireless devices,” adds Cherp. “Purchasing a product over the phone isn’t so attractive when it comes to technology. Ultimately, consumers want a place where they can touch, see, and interact with products and services and ask questions before making a purchase. Our Valley Solutions Store is the answer to giving consumers what they want in this ever-changing technological environment.”

Cherp continues to say, “Essentially, we’re providing life’s most important connections, whether through our services or to specific devices consumers plug into our network. That’s an exciting role to play, but it wouldn’t be complete without providing that personal level of service that helps customers make their devices truly come to life through our connection.”

In an effort to provide a one-stop shopping experience, Cox also sells accessories at its Solutions Store. When an extra cable, router or any other accessory is needed, it’s available right then and there.
You might be surprised to learn one of the most popular items in a Cox Solutions Store isn’t a cable connector or an HD cable, but rather a miniature replica of Cox’s animated mascot. The pint-sized characters, referred to as Digeez have proven to be very popular with people of every age.

With enhanced products, accessories, personalized service, and a learning lounge, Cox’s Solutions Store represents the company’s vision of the future of the retail business and overall customer experience.

“We believe, particularly with our partnership with Verizon Wireless, that we’ve become a total communications provider,” notes Cherp. “We invite you to come and share the experience at our new Solutions Store.”

Giving Back

While Cox’s retail location is new, giving back to the Valley is not. Without question, investing in the local community is a strong and ever present Cox value. That’s evident by the large number of Wood River Valley organizations that receive support from this leading telecommunications provider. Cox gives back in countless ways by sponsoring a wide range of community events, and it has done so since it first started serving customers in the Valley.

In addition to contributing money and resources, the company proactively encourages its employees to volunteer for community events. “Our employees appreciate the opportunity to get involved and be exposed to so many worthy causes and events that are important to our community,” Cherp says. “Participating in local parades and volunteering is oftentimes a family affair. When possible, we encourage our employees to bring their family to take part. Some of the best memories are made during popular Valley happenings including the 4th of July festivities, Ride Sun Valley, and the Blaine County Drug Coalition Road Rally.”

Additionally, Cox supports the Rotary Duck Race, Camp Rainbow Gold, Trailing of the Sheep, Wagon Days, Company of Fools, Girls on the Run, the YMCA, and other worthwhile charitable and civic activities.

staying connected

Cox is committed to the Wood River Valley and with its employees maintaining strong local connections with customers, neighbors and one another. That’s evident through the company’s charitable pursuits in addition to the multitude of product offerings and personalized service available in the Solutions Store.

“Making a real difference in the community is about the decisions we make every day. It’s about giving time and resources to programs and organizations that make the Valley a strong place to live and do business,” Cherp remarks with a reflective tone. “Ultimately, that’s about connecting with customers to provide them with the tools needed to connect with friends and family. We take our responsibility within that realm seriously and encourage folks to stop into our Solutions Store and get connected.”

For more information stop into Cox’s Solutions Store on Lewis Street in Ketchum, call 208.928.6040 or visit