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Taking Nature to the Next Level

by Danielle Vigueria

“Our cedar shake looks like the absolute real thing up on a roof. And they age wonderfully.”
–Jeremy Ziegler, Pacific Northwest Sales Mgr, DaVinci Roofscapes


From modern mountain cabins to timeless Craftsman-style homes, a cedar shake roof can provide the perfect capstone for almost any house. The term “shake” indicates a wooden shingle made from split logs, and they have been used in making roofs for centuries. But due to the dangers posed by wildfires such as the Beaver Creek Fire in 2013 that devastated thousands of acres and threatened the city of Hailey, the use of cedar shake and other wooden roof shingles on homes is prohibited in Blaine County.

Luckily, for homeowners in the Wood River Valley who still want the authentic look of a beautifully crafted cedar shake roof, there is DaVinci Roofscapes. Established in 1999, DaVinci Roofscapes has been a leader in synthetic roofing for more than two decades. Over that time, they have developed a cedar shake composite that could fool even an experienced eye. With deep grooves and realistic grain patterns, the product provides the look of natural wood shake, while bringing a new level of performance.


Never compromising on quality, products are made from 100% virgin resins, which is essential for consistency and sets them apart from their competitors who offer products that include added materials. “Our products are precisely engineered to outperform real shake shingles,” says Jeremy Ziegler, Pacific Northwest Sales Manager for DaVinci Roofscapes. “Whereas natural cedar shake is prone to cracking, splitting and curling, DaVinci cedar shake products are made to resist those problems. Since they do not absorb water, there are also no concerns about mold, fungus or algae growth.”

“Many of our clients want as close a look to the original for their homes as possible and Davinci products help us achieve that. Their composite solutions provide good options that perfectly complement a mountain living look.”
–Jimberly Rooney, Office Manager, Scott Miley Roofing


And what about the fire risk? DaVinci cedar shake is Class A fire-rated, offering the highest fire resistance. Homeowners can get the aesthetic they want while greatly minimizing their home’s vulnerability to wildfires. The product also has a Class 4 impact rating, which is the highest level and offers protection against severe weather conditions such as wind and hail. Hundreds of DaVinci roofs have been installed on homes over 6,500 feet, withstanding intense UV rays and challenging climates. Whereas natural cedar shake is prone to cracking and curling, DaVinci cedar shake is engineered with a rib structure on the back that prevents those degradations. And as they do not absorb water, there are no issues in freezing temperatures.

That exceptional performance doesn’t mean sacrificing anything in appearance. In addition to the multiple widths offered, DaVinci shake is made to last. The company is so confident in its products that DaVinci composite shake and slate tiles are backed by a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty. DaVinci also offers 50 standard color options that emulate natural cedar shake and for a truly unique shade, they can create a custom color blend to match any design needs.


Here in the Sun Valley area, the team at Scott Miley Roofing in Hailey has a long-standing relationship with DaVinci Roofscapes. And according to them, the natural look, width choices, and expansive color range offered by DaVinci means that there is always a perfect solution available for every client, and the products keep getting better and better.

“Many of our clients want as close a look to the original for their homes as possible and DaVinci products help us achieve that,” says Jimberly Rooney, office manager at Scott Miley Roofing. “Their composite solutions provide good options that perfectly complement a mountain living look. A roof really can make or break the appearance of a home. If you have a stucco house with log accents or an older style of home, you can’t just put any roof on it—the wrong material just wouldn’t do it justice.”


“Working with the team at Scott Miley Roofing is always a great experience,” says Ziegler. “When it comes down to it—it doesn’t matter how beautiful our product looks on a website or even in samples; if the installation isn’t done correctly, then there can be big issues. They are very professional and familiar with our product and we very much trust them with our projects.”

For those searching for a finishing touch to their new home or considering upgrading their current roof, the performance and variety provided by DaVinci Roofscapes is hard to beat. With strength and beauty, they seem to have even outdone Mother Nature.

DaVinci Roofscapes also offers synthetic slate tiles and hand-split composite shake siding. For more information about DaVinci Roofscapes, contact Scott Miley Roofing at scottmileyroofing.com or call 208.788.5362.