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With the guiding principle, “Building Clients for Life,” Engelmann’s clients can trust their security to the professionals that have already proven their reliability.

A commitment to clients, service, and developing trust is what separates long-term businesses that are a part of the community fabric from those that are here today and gone tomorrow. The people at employee-owned Engelmann Construction, founded in 1986 and an integral part of the quality building tradition in the Wood River Valley, sum up their philosophy by saying, “we are committed to building clients for life.”

Engelmann, Inc. is a general contractor specializing in custom residential and commercial construction and renovation. Engelmann, Inc. also offers Private Client Services exclusively for their clients, which provides ongoing service long after the construction project is completed. Engelmann recognized long ago that construction is not just a product, but a service. New business services have been built on that awareness. Last year, as a result of an employee brainstorming session discussing what was needed in the valley to improve client service, Home Security was added to the service menu. Engelmann purchased Automated Home Security and began a division of Engelmann Inc. that offers Home Security installation and monitoring.

To Engelmann’s Chief Executive Officer, Paula O’Meara, service cannot be stagnant. It should be constantly improving and evolving, which means adding new services as their clients either request or need them. The latest addition is Automated Home Security—private, confidential, full-service security, installation monitoring and emergency response. This joins and complements Engelmann’s Private Client and Estate Services.

Automated Home
“Automated Home Security is a natural extension,” said CEO O’Meara. “Who better understands the home and private, confidential service than the professionals at Engelmann? Also, we already offer 24/7 emergency response through our Private Client and Estate Services Program, and we are usually designated first responder for our clients if an alarm warns that security is breached and safety is jeopardized.”

“We consider our clients’ needs for privacy and confidentiality at every step in the process,” remarked Executive Vice President and long-time Engelmann professional, Bob Voertman, as he explained the aspects of the new security program. “In contrast to other security firms with subcontract installation, we personally take care of everything. We meet with the clients, define their needs, design the system, and we do all the wiring, connections and installation ourselves. In the Engelmann style, we offer full accountability. We personally service the systems after installation, and complete the documentation to ensure the system is an asset if the ownership changes,” he added, commenting that Engelmann provides both commercial and residential systems.

Engelmann offers complete detection and monitoring systems that include door and window contacts, glass breakage detectors, motion sensors, and video monitoring. Monitoring is inclusive of the specific concerns to those who share residency elsewhere. The automated systems integrate detection systems for smoke, carbon monoxide, moisture, natural gas, and other combustible gases. “We can set an alarm for low temperatures like 38-40º, and when the alarm sounds, will go out immediately to check the furnace performance to head off the possibility of frozen pipes,” added Voertman. “We also feature the most current versions of panic buttons and motion alarms for monitoring potential problems of infirmed or elderly residents.”

Inherent to integrating these systems is response. “We gave a great deal of careful consideration to the call center. We wanted sufficient redundancy so that through the multiple phone banks and various locations, there is always a clear line and an available responder on the first ring,” outlined Voertman. “But key is the privacy and anonymity that is ensured through remote call center monitoring. There is no way that the responder at the call center knows the occupants’ private information nor the contents of the home.” Once the responder reports a breach, familiar and trusted crews of Engelmann professionals work around the clock to supplement emergency services and are well qualified to make repairs if necessary.

Automated Home also offers complete services for lighting and entertainment. These services include installing, maintaining or upgrading home audio and network systems, lighting controls, and home theater systems.

Executing Complex Projects for Clients Who Know Quality
This new program came about because the employee-owners at Engelmann Construction are always asking how they can do a better job to provide service.

Service is the core philosophy of Engelmann Construction, Inc. “Our clients are sophisticated, busy people skilled in business. Good is not good enough for their own businesses or clients, so we aim to exceed even their expectations,” explained Paula O’Meara, Engelmann CEO. “We consistently approach home and commercial construction as a service business.” She added that Engelmann has made a dedicated effort to become a leader in sustainable building.

To ensure their long-term, broad-based thinking, the employee-owned company has added an external board of directors that founder, Earl Engelmann, chairs. “The Board brings a diverse set of business expertise and acumen to the table, and offers us an independent visionary component to review our business plans and concepts to expand and improve the company,” O’ Meara explained.

Private Client and Estate Services Program
Lindi Lewallen and Rex Robinson under the Supervision of Jeff Brown (Executive Vice President) manage Engelmann’s Private Client and Estate Service Programs. They have seen a good idea turn into a program that eliminates the worry and stress of home ownership. “Team work is essential,” explains Robinson. “Taking care of the property while our clients are away is just one of our many services. We stock homes completely for their arrival; maintain vehicles; arrange transportation and travel; provide any needed services; decorate for holidays; coordinate events and more. We have formalized an on-call program to ensure our clients get whatever, whenever, 24/7,” detailed Lewallen.

As a one-stop shop, Engelmann’s Private Client and Estate Services Program simplify home ownership. Explaining the origin of the program, O’Meara recounted, “Engelmann had proven its ability to get the job done right, on time, and within budget during construction but homeowners didn’t want to sever the relationship with us, they needed ongoing services. Jeff Brown would be assigned to a new project but still responding to prior homeowners. He loved it, but we all agreed he needed backup. Consequently, we expanded into this area of service as a formal component of our business.”

For quality residential or commercial construction, renovations, confidential automated home security, audio and video systems, Engelmann Construction continues to be the name to trust in the Wood River Valley. Employee-owned, they see their role as providing the highest level of professional service. ~ By Ann Zimmerman

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