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Lloyd Construction


“My heart is here.” That’s the spirit that David Lloyd guides his team to capture in their work. David’s goal for Lloyd Construction is to help newcomers harness the same vibe that drew his parents to Sun Valley in the 1960s. “Building is our avenue to welcome new people and help them create a stronger community than before,” says David, a partner in the second-generation family business.

Lloyd Construction has three unique principles within its core values: it is professional, committed to its clients, and committed to the community. David explains, “We’re passionate about building a stronger community not just through what we’re physically building, but also through our professional and civic relationships. Community helps expand the experience of what makes Sun Valley so special.”

Lloyd Construction has been voted the best builder in Sun Valley for the past seven years. It comes as no surprise that the award-winning general contractor firm embodies professionalism and quality work, whether the project is a luxury residential home, an addition, or a commercial project. What sets Lloyd Construction apart is its unique respect and love for the community at large. Building relationships with people who have fallen in love with Sun Valley and exceeding client expectations comprise Lloyd Construction’s identity.


“Because we have relationships with like-minded people, we can’t help but be the best contractor we can be. Our work is our vehicle to show our respect for our community.”
–David Lloyd, Lloyd Construction

Ambassadors for Sun Valley

Lloyd Construction’s passion for welcoming new people to Sun Valley and helping them build their lives here is evident. The team’s generosity for sharing their expertise with people who are new to town is matched by its enthusiasm for seeing newcomers find their own interests in the community.

“When you speak to people here, you can see in their eyes their genuine appreciation for having found something meaningful to them,” David reflects. “Whether it’s fly fishing, a love of mountains, or birding, this is often the first time in their lives they’ve discovered these new interests. We have the honor of exploring new passions with them. It’s incredibly rewarding and fun for us to build upon that foundation.”

David is part professor and part explorer. He has the advantage of having lived in the region all his life, and he leads his team with that knowledge and professionalism. He has been able to explore the significance of the local natural and historic treasures at various life stages. He first was introduced to them as a child by his parents, and now, he relives the experiences through the fresh eyes of his two young boys.


John Lloyd, David’s father, co-founded Lloyd Construction in 1977 with his wife, Carolyn, out of a vision to build a better future. The company was an extension of their views on how to honor a place that they loved. An avid climber and outdoorsman to this day, John continues to contribute to his community by being involved in environmental organizations. He sits on the board of the Selway Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation, and he is currently hiking the Centennial Trail.

Expertise and Professionalism

Lloyd Construction has an internally proven process that allows everyone on the team of designer, owner, and contractor to win and have fun doing it. It’s repeatable and satisfying. David is proud of the process because it reflects how Lloyd Construction cares about all parties succeeding.


Part of improving their process is to constantly seek out certifications and continuing education. Not only does Lloyd Construction abide by the Golden Rule, but all teammates are ten-hour OSHA-certified and OSHA forklift-certified. They’re safe on the job site and they respect the safety of the people with whom they work.

Every principal at Lloyd Construction has a construction management degree and continues to seek out new training and leadership positions. Lloyd Construction’s principals are certified green and also International Living Future Institute (ILFI)- accredited, which is, as David describes, “LEED on steroids.” Lloyd Construction’s team has provided multi-year presidents on the local Builder Contractors Association, and several of them have also held city offices.

Lloyd Construction’s training and continuing education helps its team stay up to date on the most scientifically advanced approaches to building. They can give clients a better-performing home by knowing what questions to ask in the planning phase. Lloyd Construction’s added expertise is the difference between building a house and building a well-built house.

Collaboration begins in the early stages of planning with Lloyd Construction, and continues through the core building process. “We build trust by talking about things people are aware of from their home market, such as solar panels. That trust translates into all other avenues of the build,” explains David.


A Lifetime of Building with Integrity

Lloyd Construction’s stewardship of the build directly reflects the years David spent learning his profession and the industry. He first got involved in the company in grade school by picking up scrap lumber around the job sites. David recalls that as a young boy he enjoyed, “feeling as though I was contributing to the family business and participating. My dad instilled in me young that a clean job site is part of a good first impression.”


David’s indoctrination into the construction business continued through middle school. He still has early timecards from that period when he would work three hours a week for the company.

David continued working for Lloyd Construction through high school. During summer break, he’d work full-time. “There are several homes here that were built in the ‘80s that I worked on, and I’m really proud of showing them to my children,” says David.

After college, David joined the company as a carpenter. He put his head down and worked hard to assume a formal leadership role in 2000. “It was a natural progression and the rest is history,” reflects David.

The intention of David’s life work is summed up in his desire to uphold his family’s devotion to building a community. His young sons are part of his motivation. “We are fostering the build environment. I’m trying to create an experience for my children that reflects the same awe of place that drew my parents here. They think Grandpa is pretty spectacular. I recognize that too, and so I do the best I can with the goal of carrying on the legacy.”

Lloyd Construction has been building the community in Sun Valley for over 40 years. The company’s professionalism and integrity is consistent. Their respect for the magic of Sun Valley and its people is a direct reflection of David’s leadership and how he treasures the community that Lloyd Construction builds.

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