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The Picket Fence has helped many Wood River Valley residents make their houses into homes over the past 37 years. The secret to their success? Understanding what their clients want. Well, that and an unrelenting talent for finding treasures—for the home and for gift giving. While The Picket Fence supplies the Sun Valley area with the finer things in life—Egyptian cotton bedding, beautiful furniture, memorable table décor, interior design services, and more—you are sure to find just about anything you might want for your home or your friends at any price point.

Jennett Zimmerman, who has been with The Picket Fence for eight years and counting, says, “Lynn Simpson, the owner of The Picket Fence, is known for her approach—do it right the first time, or it’s not worth doing,” and according to Zimmerman, that approach infuses everything that she and the staff at The Picket Fence do. Simpson, who grew up in a small town, bought the store 10 years ago because she wanted to ensure that

A project by The Picket Fence design team.
A project by The Picket Fence design team.

there was a retail space in Ketchum, a place she and her family have been coming for years, that quieted the noise of the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and offered a sanctuary from how busy we are. “Before I bought The Picket Fence, I shopped there every time I came to town. It was often the first place I visited when I arrived and the last place I stopped before I left. Shopping there always gave me such a welcomed feeling of belonging. I bought the store to make sure we could maintain that and always strive to make the experience even better.”

The designers at The Picket Fence have become distinctive and sought-after creators of stunning, refreshing design. They are a multi-generational team of incredibly talented designers. With decades of combined experience and design education, Heidi Stearns, Erika Blank, and Anne Mulick bring knowledge of color, texture, and style to each unique project.

Over the last decade, The Picket Fence has expanded its brand to offer furnishings, custom window treatments, and home décor. Stearns, a 30-year design veteran, reflects on the changes she’s seen as a designer at the Picket Fence, “As we started to bring in more furniture and custom offerings it only made sense that we began offering interior design services as well. When we opened our bedding showroom in the old Louie’s building, the space lent itself well to become our design studio.” The Picket Fence has become a one-stop-shop for all of your home décor and design needs.

The Picket Fence sales team includes (left to right) Jeanne Thompson, Leslie Speck, Renee Phillips, and Barb Gerrish (not pictured).
The Picket Fence sales team includes (left to right) Jeanne Thompson, Leslie Speck, Renee Phillips, and Barb Gerrish (not pictured).

While all of them have designed in other areas of the country, most of their current projects are local. Their clientele is comprised of valley residents and second homeowners, and the ladies appreciate the later selecting a Sun Valley designer to work on their Wood River home. Mulick moved to The Valley 17 years ago, her experiences with designers and architects in San Francisco and locally have given her a strong sense of business across different design venues. She adds, “In this small community we are fortunate to have access to incredibly talented tradespeople. The quality that these people hold themselves to is insurmountable, I haven’t seen work like this anywhere else I’ve lived.”

One of the great things about Sun Valley is that it’s a bit more secluded from the rest of the world, but they don’t let that seclusion hinder their design inspiration.

At The Picket Fence we create interiors that exhibit comfort, stimulate your mind, and add enjoyment to your life. We believe your home should be your favorite place on earth. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of talented designers to help capture your

Interior Design Team Heidi Stearns, Anne Mulick, and Erika Blank (pictured left to right).
Interior Design Team Heidi Stearns, Anne Mulick, and Erika Blank (pictured left to right).

vision. Whether you are starting from the ground up, or simply looking for a fresh take on an existing space, we’re excited to take that journey with you. No project is too big, or too small for our team.

If you’d like to learn more about our design services, or to schedule an appointment with a designer, please contact us at 208.726.5511.


Space Planning AutoCAD Drafting
Window Treatments / Blinds
Flooring + Tile Selection Paint + Wall covering
Lighting Cabinetry Design

While the ladies attend design markets and shows, and visit the design center in Seattle, they are also keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Blank designed in New York City where she had access to design resources at her fingertips. She shares her

 It’s the details that matter, and the Picket Fence is a treasured resource for hard-to-find home accessories.
It’s the details that matter, and the Picket Fence is a treasured resource for hard-to-find home accessories.

experience trying to find inspiration after she relocated, becoming a residential designer in Idaho. “We don’t have the advantage of being just down the street from a design center, but we live in such a connected world right now. We get quite a bit of our inspiration from prominent design bloggers, Pinterest, and social media- I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been introduced to a new line through Instagram.”  She continues, “I think that’s what sets us apart, is a willingness to adapt to the current design landscape. In such a small community we see a lot of the same colors and themes repeated and it can begin to become tired and mundane.”

It can be tricky to create a cohesive look that is representative of your style, that’s where these ladies excel—adding the perfect details and finishing touches to a design allowing it to become a representation of their client’s personalities. The Picket Fence designers will help distill your tastes and ideas into a design that suits the needs of your space. Whether you need help creating a functional space plan, rearranging existing pieces, designing the inside of a new home, or simply sourcing amazing furniture and decor, these ladies have an insatiable passion for every aspect of the design from initial planning to final implementation.

It takes a dedicated and creative team to keep collections at The Picket Fence fresh and eclectic. Most importantly, the staff takes pride in how dynamic the showrooms are and how The Picket Fence experience is ever-evolving. Interior designer Heidi Stearns raves about the team she works with at The Picket Fence and says, “If you haven’t been to The Picket Fence in a while, you should stop by—we’ve changed quite a bit in the past few years.”

The Picket Fence is a jewel in the small town of Ketchum, and it brings world-class home décor to full- and part-time homeowners. But The Picket Fence also develops long-lasting relationships with visitors to Sun Valley and can help anyone who discovers this gem through their extensive website where they offer a wide selection. Simpson says, “The fact that The Picket Fence is in a small town forces our buyers to select only what they think will inspire others… maybe the inspiration is to stay in bed a little longer in a new set of crisp sheets, or to set a beautiful table for a family gathering, or to linger over a new book by the fire. These are all things that The Picket Fence aspires to offer in an environment that is meant to feel like shopping in the comfort of your own home.”



The Picket Fence is a home décor store specializing in interior design, luxury bedding, fine linens, furniture, gifts, and accessories for the home. With an ever-evolving selection of goods from unique vendors all over the world, The Picket Fence showrooms offer creative and discerning homeowners an eclectic mix of style and function.


The Picket Fence owner Lynn Simpson saved a beloved Ketchum building, the historic First Congregational Church—popularly known as Louie’s for the restaurant it used to house—when she bought the building and gave it a new home next to the little red house that had long been The Picket Fence. Simpson turned this historic building into The Picket Fence linen showroom and design studio with three interior designers on staff to help you with any project.