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View Point’s windows and doors are as custom as the homes they grace. By Ann Zimmerman

Supplying windows and doors to meet the demand in the Wood River Valley means troubleshooting the most custom home designs, offering clients the benefits of the many alliances View Point retains with premiere manufacturers, and offering local service and expertise whenever it is needed. “We have grown with the home industry,” reflects View Point owner Matt Barrow. “We have expanded what we carry to meet the demands as builders and architects raise the bar on design and energy efficiency. We have been right there with them, supplying them what they need.”

Local Store & Local Service

The strong advantages of buying locally have been well lauded lately: local jobs for local people (who spend their earnings locally); local warranties and service; accountability and reputation; and building a strong community with a base of necessary products and services. Matt Barrow sees another side of buying locally, and that is the responsibility it places on the local business.

For Barrow, View Point has an obligation to offer the level of products and services needed locally, and to do so at competitive prices—essentially positioning View Point as the go-to place in the local marketplace. “Why wouldn’t someone want to partner with local people, especially if they have more expertise with challenging designs than anyone out of town? I always tell people “Do yourself a favor, do not spend your hard-earned money on a window, glass, or door purchase until you have come in to see us. I am confident you will agree that if we offer the product and the price, it is worth buying here.”

Windows to the Future

View Point opened 18 years ago as a window supplier, and tailored its products and services to meet the demand. Windows are an interesting architectural element requiring strong expertise, as they often aren’t noticed if there is the right product and the correct installation. “We assist architects, builders, and homeowners in making these selections to address functionality and to work with the design finishes both inside and out,” Barrow explains.

The meeting in the showroom is critical to selecting the right product, and View Point’s customer service representatives have 150 years combined experience. This experience means they guarantee the best products, service, and the highest value. Since all windows are built to order, when needed, View Point prepares detailed drawings, designs the window packages, orders them from its affiliated manufacturers, and installs. This is true for new construction, replacements, remodels, and additions. Some of the manufacturers they partner with include Sierra Pacific, Loewen, Marvin, Andersen, Milgard, Kawneer, and specialty lines with unique finishes like Architectural Traditions and the Italian Manufacturer Molaro.

When asked what is new, Barrow calls out steel windows. “They are in demand for modern, contemporary and the popular mountain contemporary designs. In the past hot rolled steel was all that was available. Now huge strides have been made with thermally broken cold rolled steel. This gives you the same look with a much more efficient window. This breakthrough is especially important in the cold climate of the mountain west. To improve the U-values even more, we can upgrade to triple pane glass.”

One of View Point’s key services is retrofitting homes for energy efficiency. “A large part of our business is replacing old windows and doors. Beyond an updated look, new windows offer increased comfort and save energy. The differences with new technology will surprise people,” Matt Barrow says, noting that it is possible to lose 25% of the energy used to heat and cool a home through out dated conventional windows and doors.

Doors & Hardware Combine Beauty and Function

In contrast to windows, doors are architectural elements that draw attention and add detail to the home’s design inside and out. For years, the top architects in the Wood River Valley have turned to View Point to execute their designs for doors to the exterior and connecting doors within the home.

In contrast to windows, doors are architectural elements that draw attention and add detail to the home’s design inside and out. For years, the top architects in the Wood River Valley have turned to View Point to execute their designs for doors to the exterior and connecting doors within the home.

Barrow goes on to explain that his business philosophy is to partner with customers. “Our firm loves challenges and working with something new.” A recently completed door to a wine room exemplifies the firm’s willingness to embrace a challenge. The rift-cut White Ash wood door was made even more special by adding a South African boar-skin panel with handmade copper clavos and a woven copper grill. “The customer wanted something special, so this was built as the wine room entry door. The contributions of the door manufacturer, the leather expert and the bronze artisan make this door a piece of art. As Randy Minnick the View Point associate working on this project said, ‘on my best day, I could not even think this stuff up, but was very happy to bring it all together.’”

When asked what’s new with doors, Matt emphasizes the use of LVL micro-lam cores in the door stiles. “Not only does it look incredible, but when you check ‘under the hood,’ so to speak, it is built to last,” Matt explains. “Any wood that is out there can be used in this process, even old reclaimed wood that has no structural integrity. This keeps the doors highly resistant to warping, shrinkage, and splitting for years to come. Also becoming very popular are doors that bring the outside in, like large exterior pocketing doors and bi-fold doors. These stack or disappear into walls, freeing any barriers between the inside and outside.”

The hardware adds the bling, and View Point offers Sun Valley Bronze, Ashley Norton, Baldwin, Architectural Traditions, and EMTEK. The sales associates are deeply familiar with the advantages of each, and willingly walk customers through available choices.

Ketchum, Boise and Jackson

Three stores stand available for ordering custom doors, windows and hardware. Matt Barrow explains that these stores are local businesses committed to meeting the sophisticated needs of discriminating homes both in products and services. “Having multiple locations gives us better buying power and support with our manufacturing partners. Additionally, our customers benefit directly from these relationships,” Matt adds. “Keep in mind that just because we have focused on our custom capabilities in this article, does not mean we can not take care of your simple inexpensive needs as well.”

View Point welcomes people to their showrooms to view the array of available products and to discuss how they can help you save money while filling your needs.

For more information call View Point at 208.726.2213 or visit them online at

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