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Bashista Construction Corporation

Since 1982, detailed quality construction through efficient management, excellent craftsmanship, and meticulous office services.

Frank Bashista carefully constructed the reputation of his company, Bashista
Construction, in the same exacting manner that he is noted for the homes that he and his firm craft, caring about the fine points of each individual aspect, and how they fit together as a whole. Working with his handpicked, long-time, experienced staff, the company’s portfolio showcases the finest homes in the Wood River Valley.

“We have always been well aware that the work we do today will affect the work we do in the future,” explained Frank Bashista when asked about his demanding standards and detailed-oriented pursuit of quality. “Our goal,” continued Frank, “is to provide clients with a very satisfying and pleasant experience.”

The three-cornered basis for the communications and oversight necessary to meet this goal are three responsible job contacts. First is the foreman, who leads the project and maintains the same crew from pouring the first footings to the final walk-through. Next, Shane Lago, Bashista’s experienced general manager makes a personal commitment to the success of each project. Finally, Frank Bashista, President and CEO, visits each job site at least once a day, inspecting and demanding the quality for which he is known. Behind the scene is Carol Bashista, CFO, and co-owner, who tracks and reports the job’s progress with care and completeness.

Making Each Home a Personal Expression
Each home that Bashista Construction builds is like no other, regardless of whether it is large or small. “They are all personalized to the owner,” Shane Lago explained. “We want our clients to always discover a nuance, a detail, or an accomplished piece of craftsmanship years after they have moved into the home.”

The expression goes that the devil is in the details. While the devil hasn’t proven his credentials, you can find Frank Bashista and Shane Lago working out the smallest of details. Frank Bashista handpicks through logs, timbers, and reclaimed wood, finding just the right grains and strength for the job. Through the years, the company has developed a network of artisan, specialty material suppliers locally and from around the world for just the right effect or to custom orders a specialty piece.

Bashista Construction’s eye for detail is more than just a local legend. Custom Builder Magazine awarded them the prestigious national designation for “Best Interior Architectural Detail,” among many of the awards the company has accrued.

Local architects consistently turn to Bashista Construction with confidence that their designs will be realized. Often Bashista Construction will join the team early and work through the design with the architect and client to iron out details. When asked about the architects’ loyalty, Frank laughed, “People know we can reinvent the wheel, and we will make it work.”

New Construction, Remodels, and Client Services
Bashista Construction earned its reputation by meticulously completing three to four new projects each year. “We bring this same quality, exceptional carpentry, attention to detail, craftsmanship, and efficient management to remodels,” noted Shane. He explained that additions, space conversions, and updates only add to the quality of a home if the craftsmanship is at least as good as the original and the transitions flow. “A careless remodel takes away rather than adds to the enjoyment of the home. We make certain that our work is impeccable, clean, and exacting.”

For its construction clients, Bashista Construction offers client services. Clients who travel away from home can be assured by thorough weekly checks and service and through preparation for seasonal changes that the home is safe, dry, warm, cleaned, repaired, and ready to be enjoyed.

For a new home of any size or an addition or remodel where exacting quality and efficient management are valued, contact Bashista Construction Corporation in Ketchum. Their portfolio, extensive references, and past clients will verify that they deliver on their commitments to build with detailed craftsmanship and to provide a satisfying and pleasant experience. ~By Ann Zimmerman

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