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Why A Local’s Perspective Matters

Brian Poster from Poster Construction has been a mainstay in this community for over 37 years. From his days as a waiter at the Sun Valley Lodge Dining Room to his involvement in numerous community events to founding Poster Construction, he’s a guy you see on the streets, on the slopes, and in the backcountry. Brian is truly a “Wood River Valley guy.”

So how did Poster become the go-to builder? By staying true to his small-town upbringing in Lake Arrowhead, California, by caring deeply about his company, and by providing his clientele with exceptional service. At age 20, he followed one of his older brothers to Sun Valley where he expected to ski for a season or two. Instead he found home, as many visitors do when they fall in love with the mountain lifestyle. Then, in his mid-thirties, he opened the doors to Poster Construction, where he still has his first employee (and fourth through tenth for that matter). And, that retention rate is seen in his clients, too. It’s quite normal that if Poster built a home ten years ago, he’ll receive a request to build another for a sibling or relative of the original client. His work is multi-generational and typically by referral.


“We do four to five projects a year and do them exceedingly well.”

—poster construction

Ask one of his staff, crew, or clients and all will agree that Poster’s claim is true. He’s not interested in being the biggest company, but rather the one who can provide consistency and continuity to his client. “We do four to five projects a year and do them exceedingly well and don’t go beyond that. Our clients come from all over the country and they’ve chosen Sun Valley for their second home. We’re committed to do the job on time and within budget with the constraints of a successful economy. We don’t have satellite offices. We’re completely entrenched in our community and want our clients to feel as proud as we do of where and how we live,” states Poster.

His process is simple because he believes in integrated project design. “When you hire the architect and the builder at the same time, you both begin budgeting, pricing, sequencing, and building. We’re involved in the ‘build-ability’ and want to be brought on board as early as possible to give our clients realistic numbers and a timeline. We’d rather they didn’t waste a year with excessive costs that we can manage and mitigate from the beginning.”


Modern mountain or French Provincial, no matter the style, vital components remain unchanged—Poster’s attention to detail, his deep-seated respect for his clients, and his genuine love of building homes to
their highest standards.

Poster notes that his versatility is also a major plus. “From log homes to modern mountain to French Provincial, to decks and even mailboxes, my clients know that my thumbprint is on every aspect of every job because we continue to be a small company that is based on integrity and excellence.” And, what sets Poster apart from others is his involvement in what works. For example, when he realized there was no one he could count on for insulation, he started Altitude Insulation. “Insulation isn’t sexy,” Poster admits. “We could build a beautiful house and if it’s uncomfortable in the summer or winter, no one wins. Insulation is a vital part of the house and now we do it and also provide it to other contractors.” Problem solved.


Thinking about y(our) environment before, during, and after building or renovating your home? Poster has that covered too. He was the first master green builder in the state of Idaho. He’s been in the game for over two decades. He calls it “intelligent green,” opting to discuss with his clients the importance of living and maintaining a healthy home that uses less energy and is sustainable for years to come. But the economics have to make sense. “No one wins when you install an option that uses more resources today and has a short life cycle.”

Poster Construction’s established reputation in the Wood River Valley accounts for his enduring relationships with engineers, interior designers, and craftsmen, whose work is displayed in the exquisite homes he and his team
continue to build.

When Poster is building a home, he is hands-down, boots-on-the-ground, on the job. If you bet that he’d be with his same crew from a home he built in 2000, you’d be right. “I’m really proud that we have guys who meet our high standards throughout all of our projects. Often that kind of thing is not measurable…but our clients appreciate it and it shows in everything we build.” His creativity, honesty, and reliability account for the remarkable homes Poster Construction has built through the years and throughout the region.


Poster’s passion as a builder is evident, as is his undisputed involvement in the Wood River Valley community. Just ask one of his happy homeowners, fellow firefighters, backcountry skiers, or building thrift store shoppers. He performs well in all vocations, conditions, and locations. And isn’t that what we all want from a trusted builder?

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