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Founded in 2006, Architectural Resources has spent the past eight years taking Sun Valley to places far less traveled in home design. With his love for clean simple contemporary design, Architectural Resources founder Rob McGowan has found a perfect fit in Idaho for his passion for design.

With a focus on interior architecture and design, Architectural Resources has crafted a suitable match for its discerning clientele. The process often begins at the earliest stages of conceptual design and is only considered complete after the most thoughtful of installations.

Architectural Resources Poliform division is the preferred resource for kitchen and closet design, while B&B Italia and FLEXFORM products prevail as sources for furnishings. Poliform, B&B Italia and FLEXFORM are exclusive brands in the Intermountain West to Architectural Resources.
Architectural Resources Living Room
In addition to managing the design process and making certain the aesthetic angles are all covered, Architectural Resources has in-house architecture services to answer questions that inevitably arise during the course of building and design.

“The size of homes people are building is decreasing substantially while the details and attention paid to them has greatly increased,” McGowan said when asked what the biggest change in his business over the past few years.

“When working with smaller spaces, it becomes essential to properly plan every square foot and utilize the space in order to maximize its potential.”
It is apparent Architectural Resources has a bias toward Italian design, as it is the dealer for arguably the most sought after Italian collections in the design world. “They just get it,” said McGowan when asked why Italian.

“They won’t compromise on quality and they don’t over bake it – clean, simple linear design – it’s been working for a very long time.”

Architectural Resources operates from two locations in Ketchum at 330 Walnut Avenue and 110 Lindsay Circle. For more information, call 208.928.6379 or email