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The Core Beliefs of View Point Windows and Doors


Relationships are at the core of View Point Windows & Doors. View Point has over 100 years of combined experience with custom windows, doors, and hardware for residential and commercial projects. The company works with a wide range of budgets and aims to bring value, quality, and service to each project. Its ethos focuses on providing the right product to people and supporting with service, none of which can be done without the foundation of strong relationships.

Everything View Point does is rooted in building relationships and staying true to them, both with clients and manufacturers. View Point is rooted in the belief that a successful window business relies on the right people, the right product, and the right price. View Point chooses its products and brands carefully from thousands of manufacturers across the world and partners with those who meet their high standards while also meeting the needs of their customers.

The showroom at View Point Windows & Doors is where the design process begins. A sales rep will work with the client to learn about the project needs. The rep will help prioritize innovation, technology, aesthetic design preferences, and budget. View Point’s team is comprised of experienced window industry professionals who can educate customers about the very best options for their projects.


Each of View Point’s wholesale relationships with manufacturers is built on the core values of quality and service. View Point takes very seriously the service and warranties offered by each of its manufacturers and only works with those that have the same level of quality and integrity. The Mountain West is a harsh climate that requires exceptionally durable exterior products. All of View Point’s partners have met the criteria for products that stand up to the environment. While View Point’s goal is to never have to make a warranty claim, part of View Point’s partner selection process includes choosing partners that have strong warranties in case a client needs a repair.

With relationships at its core, View Point is excited to feature its long-term relationship with Sierra Pacific Windows. The team at Sierra Pacific has 125 combined years of experience in custom windows and doors. The company has expanded from initial projects in the Rockies to residential and light commercial installations in 30 countries.

Sierra Pacific traces its roots to Northern California in 1949. It’s a third-generation, family-owned company with a history centered on uncompromising commitment to quality in every step of the window- and door-making process. Sierra Pacific crafts products for customers who have extremely discerning tastes and expectations for quality and artistry.


Sierra Pacific epitomizes View Point’s commitment to partnering with the right people and providing the right product at exceptional value. Every style, feature, finish, glaze, and clad is made by people invested in their work. Sierra Pacific windows are crafted using materials like raw, unfiltered aluminum exteriors that can withstand the toughest hailstorms, and narrow urban sash inserts with sight lines for modern, clean aesthetics.

Powder coatings and treatments help preserve color and resist the elements in ways that outperform traditional paint. Glazes and other custom options provide the finishing touches that make Sierra Pacific windows and doors unique options for clients seeking performance and aesthetic differentiation. The end product is a technically superior glass with hands-on craftsmanship.

Sierra Pacific owns its own supply chain, which means it controls everything from seed to finished product. The quality of raw materials sets the bar for the entire product development process. Sierra Pacific grows the wood from seed. The woods are treated and protected against insects and moisture using patented technology. The entire product life cycle of Sierra Pacific windows and doors is ultimately focused on longevity, performance, and craftsmanship.


While the experience of working with Sierra Pacific Windows is intimate and highly personalized, it is part of Sierra Pacific Industries, which is the largest millwork producer in the U.S. It owns two million acres of timberland in California and Washington. It is the second-largest lumber company in the U.S.

From a sustainability standpoint, the company adheres to the Sustainable Forest Initiative. The Initiative sets guidelines for land stewardship that include water use, wildlife habitat, and healthy forest management practices. The company brings in biologists and forestry professionals to help create forests that grow “sustainable yield.” The future for Sierra Pacific includes planting seven million new trees each year and doubling tree diameter size over the next 100 years.

Sierra Pacific stands by their product because they own it every step of the way. The product is technically innovative, artfully designed, and built to withstand the elements. View Point has worked with Sierra Pacific for many years because of its vertical integration, which translates to a long-standing track record of producing quality products with exceptional craftsmanship.

View Point works with amazing people on incredible projects. The company proudly services many repeat customers by partnering with clients to share in the journey the entire way. View Point invites future clients to visit its showroom and begin the process of creating uniquely beautiful custom windows and doors.