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Admit it, you have an inquiring mind, and you want to know about the team designing your Sun Valley dream home. we understand the inclination. so we decided to bring you Shop Talk, conversations with the talented pros designing, building, and outfitting your homes.

Shop Talk- Sun Valley Tim Mitchell

“I love working with artists on ideas, selecting new pieces to exhibit, finding new talent worldwide, and putting a smile on a client’s face with a piece that speaks to them.”
–Tim Mitchell, Mitchell Contemporary

Mitchell Contemporary

Tim Mitchell, owner

Mitchell Contemporary specializes in modern contemporary paintings and sculpture by established and emerging international and regional artists working in a variety of media including venetian plaster, oil on board and acrylics on canvas with sculpture pieces in raku, clay, bronze, copper and 24k gold leaf.

What type of art do you represent and present?
Our gallery exhibits modern abstract paintings and sculpture.

Who are your artists, clients, and collectors?
I represent artists who are  emerging, mid-career, and established as well as the occasional blue chip investment piece. My client base includes professionals, business owners, celebrities, and some jetsetters. In fact, one of my long-standing clients, Dr. Constance Chu, helped to establish this gallery.

Do you have any specialties related to your gallery?
We specialize in large-format paintings and sculpture.

What is your professional background?
My professional background was in sales and I earned a communications degree from Georgia State, but realized my passion for art after living for a summer in Copenhagen and collecting! Also, my mentor in college was a successful portrait painter who is exhibited in the White House with Jimmy Carter’s portrait. He also painted presidents of major U.S. corporations like Coca-Cola and is represented in their museum in Atlanta, right next to his friend, Andy Warhol. My mentor had a huge positive impact on me because he introduced me to his world, a world at the time I was not aware would be a fit for me, but that turned out be my savior! It  just came together for me with this realization of art and that made me happy!

What artist(s) are you most excited about right now?
My newest artist is the sculpture artist Malen Pierson from northern Utah, who uses old found farm and industrial equipment to construct amazing animal pieces that are entirely one-of-a-kind! I found him in a gallery in Utah and was  excited about his unique style of work that I have not seen before in the art world.

how do you work with clients, collectors, artists, and others involved in your gallery?
First, I always start with the idea and realization that the client is always in the driver’s seat, and that all artists think their pieces are exceptional. I have to be careful not to offend either one!  Moreover, I just try to show them all available options. I work directly with the client or the designer or both. I try to ask a lot of questions to see what the desires and needs are. We work from there.

What specialties do you have in-house?
We exhibit large, life-sized sculpture pieces of icons of the West in abstract styles, like Malen Pierson’s Buffalo, Moose, Goat, Owl, or Horse, made from old farm equipment, and  Siri Hollander’s  Alberto Giacometti-style horse mixed-media pieces. Both artists have work in the collections of household names. We are also featuring German artist, Kristin Bonn, who specializes in land-scapes and portraits.

how do people describe your gallery?
High-quality, exceptional art.

What do you enjoy most about work?
I love finding new artists to exhibit during my travels. It’s exciting to find something new and different not shown anywhere else, and it’s fun to pass this on to a happy client who appreciates the work for their home.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
I love working with artists on ideas, selecting new pieces to exhibit, finding new talent worldwide, and putting a smile on a client’s face with a piece that speaks to them.

How did you get your start in Sun Valley?
I called a commercial broker in Ketchum, Paul Kenny, about a property with a possible space for lease. I flew in to have a look with Paul and felt like it was a good fit so I signed, and now, here I am with Sun Valley’s newest art gallery! It’s been a positive move and Paul was amazing to work with.

If you were not an art gallery owner, what would you be doing?
Interior design.

What do you listen to while you work?
Mostly trance, house, lounge chill, Etta James, and Johnny Cash.

Do you have a favorite sport or recreational activity? what do you enjoy about it?
My ultimate favorite sport is polo. I learned how to ride and play polo at the same time in 2006. I first started in Argentina and was bitten by the bug. It’s a very dangerous game, and I like the adrenaline rush and working with the animals and the players.

what is the last book you read that you would highly recommend?
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. I like it because it’s about two women, two men, a dog, and their lives in the 1968 Prague spring period of Czech history. I spent a lot of time in that country and have grown to love its culture. Kundera really develops his characters to the point where you think he must be a psychologist. I just loved the story and learning how the Prague spring impacted people from the point when the Soviet tanks rolled in.

Shop Talk- Sun Valley Mitchell Contemporary

Shop Talk- Sun Valley Terry Murphy

I love a multitude of materials. We all have our own style, but if you can understand your client, you have the key to their home.

–Terry Murphy, Owner, Bellissimo


Terry Murphy, owner

Terry Murphy established Bellissimo in 1992 as an extension of her own home. She has always been drawn to unusual, exciting treasures, and wanted to open a store that would be a reflection of her tastes. Her store is, and always has been, a work in progress, as she constantly travels the world seeking out extraordinary, wonderful gifts and home furnishings.

What geographic area do you serve?
We have sold décor to clients all over the world.

What is your professional and educational background?
My background is starting and owning my business, Bellissimo, for over 29 years. A love for homes and tabletops.

What inspires you?
Color and space. Color can catch my eye. It could come from someone walking down the street – anywhere.

What project(s) are you most excited about right now?
Three projects here in Sun Valley in which we are about to deliver all their treasures.

Do you have favorite materials, fabrics, patterns, or design principles or a style you prefer or are known for?
I love a multitude of materials. We all have our own style, but if you can understand your client, you have the key to their home.

What’s the difference between good design and great design?
It is all in the eye of the beholder.

What is the most exciting new product or development in your field?
Always sourcing out new ideas and décor. Composing a crowd of treasures for a home..

How did you get your start?
I opened Bellissimo 29 years ago. Just by happenstance of owning a business that sells home products, I have been invited into people’s homes to assist in their design.

Is there an interior designer That you most Admire?
Anoushka Hempel, Alan Manzenbug, NYC; Jeffrey Bilhuber…all of these are my favorites for their sense of color, style, and placement.

What places in the world do you find most inspirational?
Everywhere is inspirational to me. I love walking down city streets. New York, life in Paris, desert landscapes

What’s on the top of your list for Travel?

What do you enjoy most about living and working HERE?
I love being at my store. It is an extension of my home. My friends gather at my store. Pieces of my store grace their homes. It is a very close feeling.

Favorite season?
Fall in Sun Valley…breathtaking, wearing jackets, clean air, Sunday breakfast.

You get weak in the knees over _______________?
Grandchildren, dogs, toasted marshmallows, and coconut cake.

Most embarrassing moment?
Way too long of a story…

If you weren’t an interior designer, what would you do?
Owning a store like Bellissimo…ha ha!

What do you listen to while you work? 
It ranges based on the mood I am in…anything from Spanish guitar, classical, Bruno Mars. It must fit my mood of the day.

Do you have a favorite sport or recreational activity, and what do you enjoy about it?
My favorite sport is watching my grandchildren play. It’s so innocent and honest. They just want to do so well. Running after them is great exercise.

If you could own any piece of fine art, what would it be?
I love Jacque Nestle from the ‘50s.

What is sure to make you laugh?
My husband, my family, funny friends, and of course our dogs..

What’s on the top of your list as a great getaway?
A beautiful, quiet hotel room with a wonderful restaurant below that has great coffee.

If you had just one wish today, what would it be?
Given the world today, I wish for peace, kindness, and understanding for all people.

Favorite trip you’ve ever taken?
Africa with a group of dear friends.

Last book you read that you would highly recommend?
Jerusalem: The Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore, a book of the beginning of all things.

Shop Talk- Sun Valley Bellissimo

Shop Talk- Sun Valley Earth Elements

“Lasting relationships are the centerpiece of our company. Our goal is to create and maintain relationships through our commitment to each stakeholder every step of the way.”
–Troy Quesnel, Earth Elements

Earth Elements

(left) Troy Quesnel (T.Q.)
(middle) Tory Hinson (T.H.)
(right) Kevin CooleY (K.C.)

Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, developer, architect, or interior designer, Earth Elements’ professionals guide you through the challenging process of sourcing the right products for your space. Their showroom in Ketchum is the perfect hub for your home finishes. Stop by to check out the vast selection of interior home finishes. Their team would be thrilled to help you find the right products for your space and style.

What services do you offer? (T.Q.)
Personalized service is our foundation. By listening to our clients’ needs, we ensure that each project receives unwavering commitment. We source appliances, wood flooring, tile & stone, plumbing fixtures, door hardware, lighting, and wall coverings for your unique project.

What geographic area(s) do you serve? (T.Q.)
We primarily serve the Wood River Valley and surrounding communities. With five showrooms in the Rocky Mountain region, Earth Elements supplies finishes to projects in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.

What is your professional background? (T.Q.)
I have over 25 years working within development and construction that includes construction operations and management, overseeing acquisition, entitlements, design, permitting, regulatory compliance, construction, and lease-out or sales of residential and commercial projects.

Describe your process—how do you work with clients, contractors, designers, and architects? (K.C.)
We strive to make the interior selections and procurement process simple and efficient. We provide beautiful, high-quality finishes from reputable companies, and do our best to ensure that the procurement process goes as smoothly as possible.

How do you see your field changing in the next five to ten years? (T.Q.)
Our approach is to question the status quo and never stop evolving. With an emphasis on continuous improvement, we embrace technology and have developed a proprietary fulfillment system to increase efficiencies and alleviate complexities inherent in our industry. It will be exciting to bring this to the marketplace over the next few years.

What inspires you? (T.Q.)
Our clients’ vision. With the vast amount of inspiration available, we help refine these ideas into unique projects with individualized designs.

Do you have favorite products you prefer or are known for? (K.C.)
I really like our interior and exterior wall coverings from Bark House. Their products are incredibly unique and environmentally friendly. Their poplar bark shingles and panels earned the first Cradle to Cradle Platinum certification ever.

What do you enjoy most about your line of work? (T.H.)
Being able to design and create with new cutting-edge products in our industry.

What do you enjoy most about your line of work? (T.Q.)
Lasting relationships are the centerpiece of our company. Our goal is to create and maintain relationships through our commitment to each stakeholder every step of the way.

What do you enjoy most about living and working where you do? (T.Q.)
The people our community attracts.

Favorite season? (T.Q.)
All of them and the changes in between. It’s a good reason to change up our recreational activities based on what that season has to offer.

Favorite season? (T.H.)
Too hard to pick one! Each season In Sun Valley has its highlights!

Do you have a favorite sport or recreational activity, and what do you enjoy about it? (T.Q.)
Skiing, mountain biking, camping, and fishing…that’s why I live here.

Favorite trip you’ve ever taken? (T.Q.)
I spent three weeks in southern Africa with amazing people and their culture. It made me realize that there are more beautiful people and places on this planet than I could visit in a lifetime, but I’ll try anyway.

You get weak in the knees over_______? (T.Q.)
My family.

What do you enjoy most about living and working where you do? (T.H.)
The community and lifestyle are what drew me to Ketchum and I feel so lucky to live here!

Favorite trip you’ve ever taken? (T.H.)
Belize because my husband and I got scuba certified.

Last book you read that you would highly recommend and why? (T.H.)
Educated by Tara Westover. I gave It to my mom as a Mother’s Day gift, and she gave it back to me to read. From there my sister-in-law and three other EE employees have borrowed and read the book!

Shop Talk- Sun Valley Earth Elements 2

Shop Talk- Sun Valley Jennifer Fay

“Our driving passion at Linen Alley is, and has always been, finding the best products to serve the needs of our customers.”
–Jennifer Fay, Owner, Linen Alley



Linen Alley was the brainchild of my mom, Diana Gross, a Jackson local since the early ‘70s and one of the very first interior designers here. She and my father built the building that Linen Alley is in, to house their furniture store, which was the first furniture store in the Valley. After they retired from owning the furniture store, they rented out the building, and as it happened there was a space available; the timing was ripe so Linen Alley was born in 2004.

My favorite thing about opening and owning Linen Alley is getting the opportunity to work together every day with my mom. She is a brilliant woman and a lot of fun to be with. We don’t always have the same ideas, but that is what makes us such great business partners; we balance each other out.

Our driving passion at Linen Alley is, and has always been, finding the best products to serve the needs of our customers. We search tirelessly for the products that perform to our highest expectations so that we can honestly recommend them to you. There isn’t a single item that we ever sell that we haven’t tried in our own homes or been highly educated in. You could say we are experts in everything that we sell, because we are!

Our business has been built on trust, and we are proudest that most of our customers are repeat customers who continue to shop with us year after year. This is a testament to our honest and caring approach to the products we sell and our interest in making sure we help our customers find exactly what they are looking to find.

What I enjoy most about selling beds and bedding is that I honestly believe that your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your house and in your life. You spend 25 years sleeping, 1/3 of your time on this earth. Yet most of us probably spend more on our daily coffee than we do on sleep. So it is my passion to make your bed more than just an uncomfortable transport between your bedside table lamp and your alarm clock in the morning.

Sleep has an effect on:

  • Your immune system
  • Your healing ability
  • Your temperament
  • Memory
  • Fitness
  • The aging process: A good quality of sleep increases your chances for living a long, happy life!

So how much is great sleep worth? That’s my mission—to bring you the best sleep money can buy. I am passionate about the products I sell.

My favorite new company is Hastens, without a doubt. Hastens shares my passion for sleep! And I have never been so excited about a company or a product. Hastens believes that if everyone slept on a Hastens bed the world would be a happier and better place. I have to say I totally agree. They are such comfortable and high-performing beds. Which is what has made them #1 in the world when it comes to making handmade beds with all-natural materials.

The company has been around since 1852, six generations of a family-owned business with passionate craftsmen and a singular mission in life for making the best bed with the best materials that can be found in the world.

Over all of these years they still haven’t found anything better than using all-natural materials in a mattress. This extends to all things for your bed; all-natural materials perform better than anything manmade. They breathe and keep you more comfortable and last longer than anything else. You yourself are part of nature, and what is more natural than sleeping in it?

Though I cannot promise that you will sleep better after shopping at Linen Alley, I can promise you that I will do everything imaginable to help make you sleep better, and look good doing it!!

Some insider tips:

  • Always wash your bedding and towels in cold water.
  • Try to avoid using fabric softeners.
  • If wrinkles in your sheets drive you nuts, remove your bedding just as the cycle is ending or a smidge before!

A little about me:

  • Born and raised in Jackson Hole.
  • Married the man of my dreams, who still makes me weak in the knees.
  • Have three beautiful, amazing children who can always make me laugh (they all have their dad’s great sense of humor).
  • Live in Victor, Idaho, which I love!
  • Love to travel the world, beach destinations especially. But always love coming home to the mountains!
  • I live the happiest life imaginable, working and doing what I love with the ones I love.

Shop Talk- Sun Valley Linen Alley