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 Windy City Arts brings fresh innovation to custom sign craft in the Wood River Valley. With the motto, “Creativity In Motion,” Windy City Arts uses progressive design standards and a kinetic workflow to communicate specific ideas, designs, and products.

Windy City Arts is a constantly evolving business that is responsible for setting the local tone for state-of-the-art custom-made signage. On the day they arrived ten years ago to “check out the area,” owners Troy and Linda Larsen instantly recognized that the Wood River Valley would forever be their home. They are raising their family, active in the community and building a successful business.

The sign business is a good fit for their talents. They have a “let’s make this work” attitude and an ability to see other’s talents within the company, and this lets them capitalize on a variety of projects. Their energetic team includes specialists in project management, graphic design, design production, and installation. Troy describes how the team works together. “We have fun working as a team and bouncing ideas off of each other for a solid design departure. We take pride in our courteous, informative, and reliable business practices. We take most weekends off to prioritize our families and enjoy the great opportunities the area has to offer!”

Windy City takes on projects for a range of budgets, and all meet the same standards for design and execution. Locally, the need for signage

goes way beyond the obvious. “We create site signs, address markers, way-finding, and much more.” What exactly is way-finding? As Troy describes, it is signage you don’t fully appreciate until it is missing: it navigates people through confusing turns or paths like at a well-planned resort.

Clear and creative signage can set the tone and attitude of a location to make it more user-friendly without disturbing the surrounding aesthetics or environment. “A sign is about your personal identity or the image of an establishment. It says who you are, what you are about, and should reflect on the outside what lays waiting on the inside. This is the essence of custom signage,” Troy sums up in a nutshell.

They are known for their custom CNC milled metal and large format printing, but that doesn’t limit Windy City’s use of other materials. “What is important to us in addition to the aesthetics is durability and visibility,” Troy stresses. Commonly, they work with metals, acrylics, high-density urethane, stone, and wood. Windy City focuses on timelessness and selects fonts and colors that coordinate with the architecture and the setting so it won’t be easily outdated.

Windy City has full print production capabilities. Their studio has multiple printers for full-color, large format printing. This means artwork reproductions are available in archival inks on artist canvas, photo paper, linen, vinyl, and virtually any other material up to 52 inches wide and with an unlimited length. Windy City also produces banners, flags, and vehicle graphics.

Installation is part of the art for Troy and his team. Their installation services range from mounting individual lettering to erecting signs. There is more than meets the eye to doing this. “We build brackets custom for the installation, taking care to select and use the right hardware.”

Troy and Linda’s first clients continue to return, and with the help of their clients, the Windy City Arts’ team has influenced their community with thoughtful designs and intricate installations. They help people understand the great power that visual communication has to inform, educate and persuade a person, audience or client. There is no universally agreed upon principle of beauty, just good visual communication design.


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