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Since 1975, Topnotch Fine Furnishings in Ketchum has been a premier resource for those searching for home furnishings and accessories inspired by Sun Valley, as well as full-service interior design. Topnotch has a long-standing reputation for being in tune with the local marketplace by offering unique products and items not found in other places.


Arianne Heyser, Topnotch owner/designer, explains that there is a local need for customized cabinets and furniture. “We offer customers individual, custom artisan-made cabinets and furniture-styled cabinets for powder rooms and baths. As well, people can get furniture made for specific sizes, locations, and the fabrics and materials they prefer. Our location simplifies coordinating these very specific orders.”topnotch-3

The common concern is that specialty orders take extra time. Surprisingly, Topnotch delivers these custom-artistic pieces in a timely manner—around four to six weeks. “This is a great turnaround time for custom work, but we are able to accomplish this because we have in-house design services and relationships with incredibly talented furniture and cabinet makers,” explains Heyser.Topnotch Fine Furnishings has created some beautiful cabinets for clients and their homes for the past four decades, and they continue to offer more services. “People love the classic look of a fine antique in the powder room. Often when they find an existing piece, we can help adapt it with a basin and connections. But, there are many instances where it doesn’t quite work, or there is a loss of some of the storage that they require,” Heyser recounts. “We offer the alternative of a custom piece designed specifically for use in the powder room but with the classic detailing and charm of an authentic antique. It’s often difficult to tell that they are new, but the pieces have none of the disadvantages of having to make compromises to adapt to the space. Plus, we can provide hand-tooled copper bowls, or find stone or other materials for a really unique basin.”These design pieces are very well priced considering that they are a completely individual custom design. “There is no additional design charge for these custom pieces,” clarifies Heyser, referencing the availability of full-service trained interior designers. “We can even work from a picture. Plus, we have free delivery and installers on staff. We can do everything but the plumbing and electrical work.”


The custom cabinetry comes with some impressive detailing. One cabinetmaker specializes in copper for inlaid doors, nail heads, sinks, and backsplashes. Another Topnotch supplier uses reclaimed barn wood with leather or copper inlay patterns. Heyser observes, “These collections have elegant simplified lines with a classic character that are wonderful additions to any home, and many would work exceptionally well with contemporary design.”

“Fully half of the furniture that we carry can be customized,” remarks Heyser. “We can help with selections for upholstery, legs, feet, cushions, and wood finishes. Some furniture can be sized to fit the dimensions of the space. These made-to-order furnishings will be delivered within four to six weeks. This furniture, too, is not expensive; it’s within a range of $2,000 to $4,000, and Topnotch delivers and installs without an additional fee.”

The 6,000-square-foot retail store and showroom make selections easy at Topnotch Fine Furnishings. Additionally, to make certain that there is no waiting at all for pieces that aren’t ordered to a custom design, Topnotch operates a fully stocked warehouse. “Plus, I like people to sit in chairs and sofas and to truly experience furniture,” adds Heyser.

For 40 years, people have relied upon Topnotch for just the right gift, accessory, and furniture, as well as design services and friendly conversation. This tradition continues, and Arianne Heyser encourages everyone to come by and experience the colors, rare and unusual accessories and art, and comfortable and inviting home goods and furnishings.