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 Aqua Pro Spa & Pool, Inc., is where quality and standing behind one’s word still matters.

While some people in the Wood River Valley are relaxing and splashing this summer, they are confident that the water they are enjoying is safe and pure. This is because owners Jeff and Chrissy Smith of Aqua Pro Spa & Pool take their jobs very seriously.

“Aqua Pro is the only spa and pool company in the Wood River Valley to be fully certified,” says Chrissy. “There are very stringent consumer safety regulations and standards. The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, APSP, is the professional association for the pool and spa industry. It certifies people who meet these safety standards. Additionally, APSP assesses recent products and offers training in new purification methods. We feel it is important to keep up to date, so all our staff is fully trained and certified through them.” APSP also promotes achievements in the industry with its award program, and it recognized Aqua Pro with an international design award in 2010.

Jeff Smith has been in the spa and pool business for 25 years and has run his own local business for 13 years. Despite his youthful appearance, he has been in the business long enough that he used to drill his own holes in fiberglass tubs for jets. The pool and spa industry has matured, and Aqua Pro has expanded. Now, it is a full-service firm, with locations in Sun Valley and Boise, “all things for all people,” says Jeff, referencing all they do—design services, sales, showroom, installation, chemical alternative systems, troubleshooting, and upgrades. They offer regular pool and spa maintenance testing, chemical replacement and cleaning services through a partnership with trusted former employees.

Jeff has designed, collaborated on, or upgraded the most beautiful spas and pools in the valley, including well-known community, private recreation, and hospitality pools, as well as some intricate designs for homeowners such as a recent custom grotto. His expertise means he is often called upon to troubleshoot problems like cloudy water, reducing energy consumption, or enhancing water conservation.

What are the latest trends in the field of spas and pools? “Reducing energy costs through energy-efficient pumps and heaters is high on the list. Regarding the design, in general, water is being incorporated more in landscaping: water features and spas for creating soothing, tranquil settings. There is a trend toward salt water systems in combination with UV (ultraviolet) and ozone treatment.

Another advance is LED lighting for lower energy consumption and the ability to change lighting schemes and enhancing the overall experience. Worth mentioning, too, is being able to interface programming with iPhones and iPads,” Jeff sums up.

“We are glad to come out and do an assessment, because the best system depends on the use. However, spa waters are now purer than ever, and maintaining these high levels has never been easier.” Related to assessments are repairs and upgrades. It is not necessary to have purchased from Aqua Pro to call on them for help with problems or for improvements.

The retail sales area/showroom indicates Aqua Pro’s full-service approach. A variety of spas fill the showroom so that customers can fully appreciate the features and match them to their needs. In addition, one can stop by and pick up supplies, chemicals, covers, equipment like pumps, and even specialty aromatherapy salts for the spa. “We handle projects from entry level to luxury,” Chrissy sums up. “We have been here for a long time, and we recognize that in a small town like ours, we have to offer everything that is needed.”

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