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Considered placement of windows in this home North of Ketchum allow for both views and privacy. ARCHITECT Williams Partners. BUILDER Dembergh Brown. PHOTOS Courtesy of Williams Partners Architects.

Unless you recently built a new home or you are in the process of planning a new home, you probably haven’t thought much about windows lately. You have them. They keep the cold out—if they are good quality—and they may be in need of a cleaning. That’s about all most of us think about windows—until it’s time to replace them.

The team at Ketchum’s View Point, on the other hand, spends a lot of time thinking about windows. But as knowledgeable as the team is about windows, doors, and hardware, View Point’s team members spend most of their time thinking about service. A Sun Valley-area company for nearly 30 years, View Point has a proven record when it comes to products, installation, and service. Matt Barrow, the company’s founder, says, “It starts with our people. We hire quality people who have the knowledge, the passion, and the core business values that we take to heart. That’s why people call us again and again. We take good care of them and their home.”

The View Point team knows the products that they carry, and they stand behind them. Instead of being a distributor for one brand, Barrow understood early in his career that the customer is best served by having choices—choices between brands and price ranges, and, in a market like the Sun Valley area, having access to the highest quality of custom windows, made specifically for a particular project. Barrow says, “We have spent years searching the world for manufacturers that have the perfect mix of quality, value, and service.” View Point’s product lines run the gamut from the high-end with custom, made-to-order options to quality windows for more reserved budgets. The View Point team approaches each project with an open mind and will find the right product to best meet the needs of each.

View-4For the homeowner or the general contractor, there are many advantages to working with View Point. Not only does View Point have the largest selection of brands for windows, doors, and hardware in the Valley, but the View Point team also stands behind their work. Barrow says, “In all my years of doing business in the Sun Valley area, the thing I am most proud of is the number of repeat customers we have—general contractors, architects, and homeowners who come back to us project after project. We approach every project with a commitment to helping the client find the best possible products at the best possible value.” But it’s not just about the sale. It’s about the relationship. Barrow continues, “We aren’t some out-of-state distributor who delivers the product and then moves on. We are your neighbors and we send our kids to school with your kids; we shop at the same stores as you; we ski the same runs. Our success depends on our customer’s experience. That’s why we don’t settle for anything less than exceptional work and exceptional service for the lifetime of a product’s warranty.”


Sun Valley Resort recently contracted with View Point to provide and install all the windows for the lodge renovation—a testament to the value and the service that View Point provides. With the size, scope, budget, timeline, and demanding delivery for the project, Barrow is proud that his team secured the bid. “I’m proud to say we were the first place and the last place Sun Valley Company and their contractor looked.”


This new Mountain Modern home incorporates both standard and custom Sierra Pacific windows for outstanding views and energy efficiency. ARCHITECT Williams Partners. BUILDER Poster Construction. PHOTOS Courtesy of Williams Partners Architects.
This new Mountain Modern home incorporates both standard and custom Sierra Pacific windows for outstanding views and energy efficiency. ARCHITECT Williams Partners. BUILDER Poster Construction. PHOTOS Courtesy of Williams Partners Architects.

With close to three decades in the business, Barrow is well armed with good stories about the challenges that come with high-end custom projects. But each challenge only reinvigorates Barrow’s belief in what his team does. “We had this one particular project that really pushed the limits of window technology. We had to devise a system for allowing the roof to give with snow load and not impact the window install. Had the general contractor purchased the windows from an out-of-town distributor,” says Barrow, “he would have been on his own to figure out a solution. Instead, we worked with the contractor and the architect to come up with a custom solution. That’s the sort of service that we hang our hats on.”

Since the construction and real estate downturn that began in 2007, windows, doors, and hardware distribution has not been an easy business to be in. But for Barrow and the View Point team, it was just one more challenge to be met with resolve and creativity. “We stayed true to our core values of quality and service, but we also diversified our business offerings. We saw a need to work with glass and custom shower enclosures and we hired the best craftsmen to do that. Also,” Barrow continues, “when others were closing up shop, we expanded into the Jackson Hole market. It was a lean few years, but we do great work at a competitive price. That keeps clients telling their friends about us and coming back for their next project.”

That’s the thing about the team at View Point—they know the business, and they know that it’s built on relationships. When you listen to the team talk about their work, they always come back to stories about the people they have worked with and the service the company has provided. After 30 years of doing business in the Sun Valley (and now Boise and Jackson Hole) area, Barrow and the View Point team are standing tall behind the quality of their products and service. And the view from there is a great one.

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