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Mastiff Development combines premiere quality, creativity, and close client communications to build fine custom homes and sensitive remodels.

Over the past 20 years, Ron Amass has built some of the area’s finest homes along with the company’s reputation for quality, completion, and client satisfaction. A recent sales listing for a home started with the line, “Built by Mastiff Development,” meaning construction quality that can be counted on for enduring for many generations. Mastiff has earned a reputation in Vail for building homes so well that it is just common knowledge.

Ron Amass grew up in Vail, and always liked creating things, seeing potential in land as building sites, and wishing to leave a legacy of good work in the community he loves. Contracting was a natural fit, and he has styled a business where he takes on just the right number of projects at one time so he can confidently manage its intricacies, and the new home or remodel meets his high personal standards throughout the building process.

Custom Approach

“Each home has its own personality, and this comes from the owners’ vision and taste. Owners deserve knowing that their needs are being understood and interpreted with the assurances that we are always serving their best interests,” Ron explains. “Establishing this relationship of trust is our first priority, and we manage the job based on how clients prefer communications to be handled. Custom homes mean many things, and to us it starts with the individualized manner with which we work with clients and how we tailor our subcontractor teams to the needs of the project.”


While there are individual variations for each home, there are also commonalities. “When we accept a commission, we commit to keeping our expertise on the site. That’s where the concrete meets the dirt, and the site is where you can most often find me and our experienced lead man, Luke Richter.”

Another commonality is that Mastiff Development ensures that all their homes function and perform well through extensive testing for energy performance, air leakage, and air quality. “For us, the function of a home is standard practice and not just a matter for certification,” says Ron. “We build our homes to last and to perform regardless of whether someone needs a certification for efficiency.”

Availability is important to Ron Amass. “If the phone rings, we need to be there. It’s our duty to solve problems. Building a high functioning home is a finely tuned craft that can’t be done on a production basis. We keep busy, and we are control freaks tuned to details. There are builders that are bigger, but not better.”