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As “Bend” As It Gets

by Hadley Solferino


Beverly Evert first read about Bend in a Reader’s Digest article from the mid-1960s. The story was written by the late travel journalist Charles Kuralt, who said that in his 25 years of filming his CBS show “On The Road,” Bend, Oregon, was a place he’d like to return to if he had the chance. That sentiment stuck with Beverly as she and her husband, “Bud,” ventured on a road trip to scout out potential places to retire. By the end of their road trip, Bud and Beverly had purchased land in Bend and told their family that they were moving there.

Bud and Beverly’s son, Brett, was in sixth grade when his family moved to Bend. He loved their new town and, after graduating high school there, wound up staying in the area to attend college and ski race at Central Oregon Community College in Bend. Brett loved the land so much that he bought his first parcel at the age of 17. His parents had to co-sign with him, because of his age. They supported him as he began to establish his vision of owning a piece of Bend.

Fast forward to 2016 when Brett’s three daughters expressed their interest in developing a portion of their parents’ holdings, which included parcels within the city limits of Bend that border National Forest land. Having previously worked on the hotel and lodging side, subdividing the numerous parcels that Brett and his wife, Rayna, had acquired over the years offered a new project that the entire family could work on together.

Ashley Evert explains, “My parents were the ones who had the long-term vision to hold onto this land and pick up different parcels over the years. I’m so impressed with them for having the foresight and patience to hang onto it and develop it themselves rather than just selling it off. They held onto that opportunity for the next generation and that is something we are really grateful for.”


Distinctive Lots

The Lodges at Bachelor View is the last housing development within Bend’s city limits on the way to the National Forest. The Everts own both the empty residentially zoned land and Loge Entrada, which sits in between The Lodges at Bachelor View and the forest, virtually ensuring that the natural beauty will be protected. The property offers peace of mind that nature will be preserved and that the promise of the Bend lifestyle will remain constant, whether the desire is for a place to reside year-round or in the future for retirement.

Lots are available that range in size from approximately 4,000 square feet to 12,000 square feet. The average lot size is 5,200 square feet. Utilities including sewer, water, electric, and internet are established and ready to hook up at each lot. Of the available lots, 10 to 12 of them have exceptional mountain views.

What Can Be Built?

There is flexibility in what can be built at The Lodges at Bachelor View.

Single-family homes

Single-family homes with an ADU

Vacation houses

Net zero/single-story/natural landscape/solar/eco-building

With respect to a house and ADU, The Lodges at Bachelor View’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC) follows the City of Bend’s restrictions for lot size. There are no additional restrictions imposed, unlike surrounding neighborhoods that have more stringent requirements than what Bend has established.

The same rationale of following the City’s recommendations applies to rentals in the neighborhood. Currently, The Lodges at Bachelor View has one short-term rental, which is officially licensed by the City. Coming from the lodging business, the Everts have always had a positive view of people wanting to visit Bend. Ashley explains, “We’re of the mindset that Bend is a very unique place, and a place that we want to share with people, whether it’s as a permanent resident purchasing a lot from us, or people just looking to get away for the weekend.”

People from Seattle, Portland, and locally in Bend are choosing The Lodges at Bachelor View as the place to build their family homes. Ashley notes, “We didn’t want it to just be a vacation home neighborhood. We wanted it to be accessible for people who live here as well.” While she says they do get calls from potential buyers in San Francisco, Idaho, and Utah, staying true to Bend’s culture is a big part of building a family home here.

“Our intention with creating the ARC and setting the standards was to try to preserve the mountain modern look as well as maintain property values. Compared to surrounding neighborhoods, where people are building things that look like beach houses and farmhouses, we wanted to maintain more of a craftsman or modern lodge look that fits with the land, without being too encumbering on individual creativity,” says Ashley.

Building and living at The Lodges at Bachelor View is about appreciating the natural beauty of the land. Eco and net-zero building is possible on site. The location also gets a lot of natural light, so it is a great place to install solar panels.

Another unique feature of the lots is that they are in a perfect location for designing with native plants and natural landscaping. In 1990, the Awbrey Hall Fire swept through the west edge of town, including the land where the development is now located. That fire cleared out the land and created a tree line that serves as a natural boundary wall.


“We didn’t want it to just be a vacation home neighborhood. We wanted it to be accessible for people who live here as well.”
–Ashley Evert, The Lodges at Bachelor View

Open to Builders and Individuals with a Vision

Both individuals and builders can buy lots in The Lodges at Bachelor View. The development handles all sales contracts in-house, which expedites the sales process. Ninety percent of the sales have been direct-to-consumer and have been expedited since buyer and seller can easily negotiate timelines and buyers can interface directly with the developers to get questions answered promptly. They also offer a finder’s fee to realtors who have clients who want to build and are looking for the right lot for their future home.

The Lodges at Bachelor View is unique because it allows individuals a certain amount of freedom to bring their vision to life. People who want to build a custom home and already have a builder are welcome to continue using their preferred builder. The plans are submitted to the ARC and reviewed in a timely manner.



The ARC offers a no-fee preliminary sit-down planning meeting with potential buyers and also with new buyers right after they’ve purchased a lot. This preemptive meeting helps buyers assess how the community will be a good fit for their future home. It’s an opportunity to get everyone aligned and on the same page before spending money drawing up plans that might not be approved.

The preliminary meeting is also where buyers can address changes that might have to be made to plans in order to fit in the community. Typically, when someone reaches out, the ARC can set up a meeting within a week. That timeline is fast compared to neighboring communities whose process may take several months. Full building plans are reviewed in the span of approximately two weeks. Ashley mentions, “We’ve been doing a lot of those meetings virtually, but always prefer to meet face to face whenever possible.”

Builders also find The Lodges at Bachelor View attractive because the ARC approval process is relatively more lenient in comparison to neighboring communities. Ashley shares, “The ARC process is meant to preserve home values and protect the future of the land. So far, we’ve had 100 percent compliance. It is a testament to the value people place on living here.”

There are many options for building at The Lodges at Bachelor View. The unifying draw is to be in a place of natural beauty and accessibility to all that Bend has to offer. As Ashley points out, “If you need or want input for building your home here, we have relationships with designers, builders, and architects, and are happy to give that input, but we want to emphasize that individuals can select any builder they would like to use.”



“The Architectural Review Committee process is meant to preserve home values and protect the future of the land. So far, we’ve had 100 percent compliance. It is a testament to the value people place on living here.”
–Ashley Evert, The Lodges at Bachelor View


Accessibility to the Bend Lifestyle

Proximity to the forest is a highlight of The Lodges at Bachelor View, as is the ease of accessibility to multiple recreation opportunities:

Mt. Bachelor is 17 miles away (a 20- to 25-minute drive)

Tetherow, Widgi Creek, and Broken Top golf courses are within a five-minute drive or right across the street

Phil’s Trail complex is right out the front door and connects to a full trail network in the National Forest

Deschutes River is a 20-minute walk

Bend Athletic Club is a two-minute drive

Downtown & the Old Mill District are ten minutes away



Being on the south edge of town relative to the Mountain, residents can look out their front windows and see the weather. Ashley, who lives at The Lodges at Bachelor View, says, “I have the perfect view to see if it’s going to snow, and I can also look out my front window and see if there’s traffic going up to the Mountain. There’s a ton of wildlife to view, which I love. You feel like you’re really out there but you can still be in town in five minutes.”

Along those lines, the property is in a great location for coming home at the end of a day of adventures. It is on the Cascade Lakes road to get up to all of Bend’s lakes including Elk Lake, Devils Lake, and Sparks Lake. Ashley adds, “You can leave your house and, because you don’t have to go through town, you can be where everyone is trying to get to 20 minutes sooner. Coming home from the Mountain, you also get to turn off and be home before anyone has reached town.”

“You can leave your house and, because you don’t have to go through town, you can be where everyone is trying to get to 20 minutes sooner. Coming home from the Mountain, you also get to turn off and be home before anyone has reached town.”
–Ashley Evert, The Lodges at Bachelor View

At $50/month, The Lodges at Bachelor View has minimal homeowner’s association dues for its location. Since it is located at the edge of the National Forest, community is established on the trails. Socializing with neighbors happens while doing the activities that comprise the Bend lifestyle. Ashley adds, “The general Bend vibe is to be outside. We connect with our neighbors on the trails, down at the river, and up at the Mountain.”

Like her grandparents Beverly and Bud, who just thought they wanted to check out Bend while they drove through, it’s hard for others to come to The Lodges at Bachelor View and not want to make it home.

For more information on The Lodges at Bachelor View, visit the website If you are interested in purchasing a lot, please contact Ashley Evert or Brett Evert directly by emailing At the time of press there are 40 remaining lots for sale.