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Old Goats Hard Goods

Ethan & Joni Petro, Owners

Old Goats Hard Goods installs architectural, door, and cabinet hardware along with semi-custom
and custom cabinetry that helps make spaces “feel like home.” As one of the most trusted names for bathroom and kitchen design, the company’s team has focused on pushing the boundaries in terms of creative designs, practicality, and maximizing the use of space.

Old Goats Hard Goods has been a part of the Flathead Valley construction community for the last 25 years. After spending 15 years leading and developing sales teams, Ethan and Joni Petro decided it was time to stop travelling for work and time to start investing in the local community. The Old Goats team, with a combined 50+ years of experience, continues to guide customers through the design process with the goal of truly capturing their ideas and bringing them to life.

What services do you offer?
Old Goats Hard Goods has been in the Valley for 25 years and is a full-service provider of architectural hardware, semi-custom and custom cabinetry, as well as outdoor cabinetry and garage cabinetry.

What geographic areas do you serve?
We serve the entire Flathead, Mission, and Bitteroot Valleys, and just added a second location in Sun Valley, Idaho.

How did you get your start?
We have combined backgrounds in sales and marketing, as well as art and design. We were tired of travelling while missing the best days of the summer and many great powder days. We had wanted to grow a small business here in the Valley to provide jobs and opportunities for others. When we found out that Old Goats was for sale, we jumped on it. We developed a friendship with Bob and Jackie (the founders) and realized that we had spent time at their house six years earlier! They had put so much into the business and it truly felt like a passing of the baton. We were able to rebrand a bit and have grown by product and service additions as well as our new location now in Sun Valley.

What inspires you?
Great design, attention to the details, and part-nerships with builders, designers, and architects.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
Charles Eames said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” We love uncovering the details of the projects that we work on so that we can deliver exactly what the customer wants. It’s the little things about a space that make all the difference. Everyone has a different perspective and style and it’s rewarding to be able to deliver projects that range from traditional to contemporary at different price points to meet the needs of any project.

What is your design process?
As a client-oriented company, we believe your hardware and cabinetry should be an extension of your lifestyle and be in harmony with the overall décor of your home. Our design studio is by appointment only, so that clients have our full attention. We want to be able to focus on your projects, so we block off time just for you.

We love it when customers can share their Pinterest/Houzz boards for us to get an idea of their design intent before they arrive for their appointment. We try to make the space as inviting and collaborative as possible. We have places to charge phones, collaborative workspaces, and also coffee and beer.

Planning any type of project can often take considerable time. Our team’s expertise helps the whole process run more smoothly while reducing confusion, therefore allowing ample time for in-depth planning on the first visit. From there, we work with our design team to create visuals of the space so that the customer gets a realistic idea of what it will look like and we can ensure that everyone is on the same page. Once approvals are complete, we schedule the install.

What can clients expect when they work with you?
At Old Goats our main aim has always been to help clients create beautiful and practical spaces in their homes. We love challenges and our team thrives on them. Years into this business and we know that the definition of a perfect kitchen and bathroom can vary from one customer to another. While some may focus on adding more storage space, for others it is all about focusing on minimalistic design inspirations. This is why we approach every project with a fresh mind and listen to our clients with the aim of translating their ideas into reality.

Where do you see Old Goats growing?
For years, Old Goats has been the go-to in the Valley. We don’t want to lose that, but we also know that we needed to add additional product lines, like out-door cabinetry. It’s a fine balance to stay “boutique” but also continue to serve the needs of builders and designers in the Valley. We’re excited for the growth of our Sun Valley location as well as replicating what we’ve been doing in the Flathead Valley for the last 25 years.

What do you enjoy most about living and working here?
We love the access that the Flathead Valley gives our family. From mountain biking, hiking, and paddleboarding in the summer to skiing in the winter, we are able to play hard. At the same time, we’re fortunate to be able to partner with many incredible builders and designers and be a part of helping their projects become realities.


““As a client-oriented company, we believe your hardware and cabinetry should be an extension of your lifestyle and be in harmony with the overall décor of your home.”
–Ethan and Joni Petro, Owners