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Inspired Design

by Alex Clarkson

When Leslie Schofield and Catherine Goodsell founded Lecate Artisan Doors, it was with the intention of providing homeowners, builders, architects, and designers with a selection of unique, beautifully designed benchmade artisan doors. They wanted to offer doors that were not only unique and innovative in their design, but that were also built by the best artisans in the industry with the highest level of craftsmanship. At Lecate they view doors as functional art—an investment in our quality of life and the beauty that surrounds us.

Leslie and Catherine pull from their extensive interior design backgrounds designing and managing projects such as vacation and high-end residential homes, fitness centers, boutique hotels, spas, and more. Their vast portfolio and wide array of projects have given them a clear understanding of each step in the design and construction process. Their experience serving a diverse clientele has enabled them to precisely reflect their clients’ visions into artisan door designs. “This really sets us apart,” says Leslie. “We are able to offer our clients more than just doors. As designers, we look at the whole picture and how the door interacts with the surrounding materials to help our clients select the best design for their projects.” At Lecate you not only get amazing doors, but you also have the guidance of two experienced interior designers as you pull together the design, finish, and hardware for your artisan door.


Leslie noticed that there were well-designed doors, and that there were well-built doors, but nobody was making custom doors accessible and pulling all the pieces together in a collection with amazing designs. “We felt that we couldn’t be the only ones feeling this void in the market,” says Catherine. And so what began as a meeting in a coffee shop one April morning has blossomed into an obsession to create the most beautiful and innovative doors, blending inspired design, hand-selected materials, and artisan craftsmanship. Lecate Artisan Doors was born.


“This really sets us apart. We are able to offer our clients more than just doors. As designers, we look at the whole picture and how the door interacts with the surrounding materials to help our clients select the best design for their projects.”

–Leslie Schofield, Co-founder, Lecate Artisan Doors

Ultimately, what separates Lecate from other door manufacturers is their design philosophy and focus on the client experience. “We want to WOW you every step of the way—that is what we call The Lecate Artisan Door Experience,” adds Catherine. Their signature process ensures a seamless experience from start to finish. The Lecate team works alongside builders, designers, architects, and homeowners to take care of every detail down to the selection and ordering of custom hardware pulls. With their meticulous attention to detail, Lecate provides everything from drawings and renderings to on-site consultations, on-time delivery, and exceptional customer service.



Lecate doors are the product of forward-thinking design. They are reimagining doors as functional art for a home or business. A look at their website reveals just how well-suited Lecate doors are for any number of house styles. From mountain modern to traditionally designed homes or rustic cabins, Lecate’s use of wood, glass, and steel in unique ways always captures the essence of each project.

Lecate offers three different product lines: Lecate Studio, Lecate Collection, and Lecate Bespoke. These lines share the same quality and craftsmanship while each line offers different levels of customization. Lecate Bespoke is a completely custom door with limitless design possibilities. Lecate Collection offers 52 uniquely designed doors that can be customized in a variety of ways to fit your needs. Their newest line, Lecate Studio, is a more competitively priced group of six designs that have simplified elements from the Collection line. “We are really excited about Lecate Studio. It was designed to give our clients affordable front door options with coordinating interior doors to create a cohesive design element throughout the home,” says Catherine. “We removed some of the more intricate glass and leadlines to bring the cost down without sacrificing the quality that Lecate is known for,” adds Leslie.

Doors are sold unfinished, although Lecate offers quality custom finishes for all of their doors and color matching if needed. Lecate Design Consultants are available to guide clients in choosing the perfect stain or paint for their doors. They will also aid clients in selecting hardware that will complement and enhance their doors.

Lecate brings design, build, and service together all under one roof and the doors are made locally in Utah, where the company is based. “Working with local artisans is important to us. We get to support our community and we can maintain the level of quality we are looking for,” says Catherine. “We have relationships with our craftspeople; we know them, and we know they will meet Lecate’s level of excellence.”




“Working with local artisans is important to us. We get to support our community and we can maintain the level of quality we are looking for. We have relationships with our craftsmen; we know them, and we know they will meet Lecate’s level of excellence.”

–Catherine Goodsell, Co-founder, Lecate Artisan Doors

An example of Lecate’s work will soon be seen on Mountain Land Design’s showroom doors in Utah and Idaho. Lecate created a bespoke design to incorporate MLD’s new logo on the door handles. The idea was to make the door an extension of the branding and be so iconic that clients will know they are at a Mountain Land showroom just by seeing the front door. This type of personalization translates equally well to residential doors. Lecate recently completed steel doors in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, that incorporate the homeowner’s initials into the design. “We had a lot of fun collaborating with the architect and playing off his front door design of the homeowner’s initials. We then incorporated it into a pair of specialty barn doors in glass and steel,” says Leslie. While Lecate may be known for their show-stopping front entry doors, their expertise goes well beyond the front door. They design and build all types of specialty doors and provide complete exterior and interior door packages to create a design element that weaves itself throughout an entire home or business.



Lecate goes above and beyond in their devotion to customer service. “It is something we take very seriously,” says Catherine.

The company works hand-in-hand with homeowners, builders, and architects to ensure a smooth process with an end result that is nothing short of stunning. As a firm rooted in high-end custom interior design, bringing doors to discerning clients is a natural extension of their expertise. Lecate routinely brings tradespeople together when working on job sites, and their years of experience partnering with builders and being involved in home construction and remodeling serves as a natural foundation for delivering artisan doors.

This also brings a unique offering in that Lecate goes beyond checking a box that asks, “What door would you like?” They examine how the door design will interplay with the home’s finishes and architecture. Lecate also evaluates the door’s exposure to sun and what impact that might have on the wood while taking into account other factors like window alignment and whether the steel coordinates with other materials throughout the house. Lecate Artisan Doors brings an overall design perspective that is unique and strong, something that sets them apart in the industry.

At Lecate Artisan Doors, it starts with inspired design—Lecate is committed to providing innovative, unique designs that fit any project’s specifications and aesthetic. They then seek out and procure only the finest, hand-selected materials and finishes. Next, they orchestrate a talented team of artisans capable of crafting the perfect blend of beauty and utility, creating an enduring and inspiring work of art. Finally, they promise that the level of care and service you experience will be as warm and welcoming as your Lecate artisan door.

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