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Uniquely Affordable.

Creativity warrants that trends are ever changing, and the help of a professional to guide you in design decisions can be priceless. Enter 4 West Cabinetry & Wallbeds, your first step toward your dream kitchen.

Kitchen design can be complicated. As kitchens are the centerpieces of homes, no kitchen detail is too small to be addressed. Enlisting the help of family-owned 4 West Cabinetry & Wallbeds will get your foot in the door for new materials, trends and technology. Our professional designers will know just how to take your dreams and turn them into reality. And making dreams come true won’t break the bank. 4 West Cabinetry & Wallbeds are professionals at utilizing innovation to help you use your budget in the best and most impacting way.

Creating fine cabinetry for your home is an important and complex endeavor. Through the years the sheer quantity of offerings has increased into an almost unmanageable amount. If you’ve built or remodeled a home before, you’ll know there isn’t any one way to approach design, and each trade or contractor has his or her own ideas about how a project should be executed.

In his 29 years of experience, owner Bob Hostetler has found value in doing things the right way. By working almost exclusively with Showplace Wood Products, an employee-owned company just across the way in South Dakota, 4 West Cabinetry is able to offer quality plywood construction, an expansive array of door shapes, and stain and glaze choices, as well as cabinetry in eight different wood species at an impressive price point.

“By offering quality products, we can have confidence in the final results,” Hostetler says. “Don’t get the wrong idea, these are not modular, off-the-shelf cabinets. Each cabinet and door is built to our specifications. We can also offer a hard furniture finish and a limited lifetime warranty, something the smaller shops are not able to provide.”

How a project is executed has a broad impact on how the budget is realized. It’s important to choose a cabinet provider who understands your particular wants and can translate your needs into a seamless and beautiful design. For example, 4 West Cabinetry & Wallbeds prides itself on great customer service for both the homeowner and the contractor.

4 West Cabinetry is able to provide on-site support for your contractor, as well as remote support for the out-of-town homeowner. Through the use of the Internet and our digital design service, we’re able to show and not tell. When in town, you’ll be able to feel and touch our cabinetry in our beautiful, new showroom. With the combination of unique, beautiful and vast cabinetry options and the friendly and knowledgeable people at 4 West, a visit to their showroom is like stepping into a world of possibilities.

“We’ve invested in ourselves and plan to be around for years to come,” Hostetler says of his brand new 3,000 square-foot showroom, the largest cabinetry showroom in the Flathead Valley. “You won’t see other cabinetry companies with as many displays as we have or at the jobsite crawling around marking a layout on the floor. That’s what makes us different.”

With the influx of new materials, colors and trends, you have a vast task ahead of you in the selection of many of the finished products for your home. Some decisions will lend themselves to quick results, while others require the planning and input from your contractor or designer.

“We like to look at each kitchen or master bath with a fresh set of eyes,” says Hostetler. “No two projects or clients are the same. It’s what makes our job both fun and challenging.”

4 West Cabinetry & Wallbeds is a full-service cabinetry shop, and it doesn’t stop with the kitchen. We can provide beautiful cabinetry for your baths, home entertainment, closet and even your guest suite or spare room with a custom Murphy Wallbed.

“4 West Cabinetry has been my cabinet supplier and installer of choice for several years now.
They have always been professional in their service from design, delivery, and installation.

Their knowledge of the industry, the wide range of selection, and impeccable work ethic have
always won me over job after job. On top of all that, they actually enjoy what they are doing
and will always greet you with a smile, and if your lucky… cookies!!”
Kit Hunter, Shooting Star Builders, Kalispell

“Murphy Beds can provide guests with a comfortable experience and homeowners with a multi-purpose room,” says cabinetry designer Melissa Hostetler. “Our clients are constantly amazed. You wouldn’t even know there was bed there!”

The staff at 4 West Cabinetry & Wallbeds enjoy working with customers one-on-one and tailoring their service to meet the individual needs of each client. Adding any component to a home is a journey in the building process. Let 4 West guide you through this journey — it’s their expertise.

Whether your space calls for an ornate range hood, a delicate master bath cabinet, or a customized Murphy Wallbed, 4 West Cabinetry can take your dreams to reality while leaving your budget set fully on the ground.

“We want our clients to be happy now and for years to come,” Bob Hostetler says. “Let us help make your home a true showplace.”

To arrange a personal consultation with 4 West Cabinetry & Wallbeds, stop by their showroom on the corner of Hwy 2 East and Reserve in the Aspen Square complex in Kalispell or call 406.755.8330 or visit our website www.4WestCabinetry.com

4 West Cabinetry & Wallbeds | 2593 Hwy 2 East, Suite 8 | Kalispell MT 59901 (Map)
Phone: 406 755 8330 | Email: melissa@4westcabinetry.com | Website: http://www.4westcabinetry.com
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