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Landscape Architecture:

A Crucial Component in Smart Building

Design, ecology, and construction are at the core of Landscape Architecture. We are trained to be stewards of the land while applying function, aesthetic design, and value to any project. Today our clients are looking for ways to incorporate sustainable practice and advanced building techniques in order to create the ultimate vision for their finished project. At White Cloud Design we are advancing our creative design and innovative details to meet and exceed the status quo. Sustainability is an important part of our business philosophy.

Good Design does not necessarily mean the project should cost more. By being involved in the planning and design of a project, we add value and efficiency, allowing projects to save time, resources, and money. We take the time and sweat the details early in the design process to meet the project goals and budget requirements. Ultimately, time spent in planning leads to a high quality product and an efficient construction process.

Design that works with Ecology
Design is one component of the building circle. At White Cloud Design we look at the whole project to find practical and innovative solutions with strong design intent.

It is the Architecture, the Site Resources, and the Ultimate Goals that drive any project. Design is all about problem solving and function. Function has value. From Consulting, to Project Coordination to on-site Construction Administration, we strive to create the best design solutions for each individual project. Whether we are approaching a raw piece of land or re-imagining an existing landscape, each project has unique design challenges, strengths and ultimate goals.

Ecology that Works with Construction
The fundamental ecology of each site drives the design. Plants, Water, Soil, and Stone are unique elements in each site. These resources, along with the specific regional context, are some of the factors that we integrate in order to enhance the landscape.

An understanding of the site and the design elements of the project help us achieve Integrated Design Solutions. This can include the integration of native vegetation, site restoration, on site water management, the inclusion of renewable energy resources, and a thoughtful use of the unique attributes of each individual site. White Cloud Design has worked extensively within the Rocky Mountain West. This inherent understanding of our unique mountain environment informs and supports each design decision that we make. The natural world is the ultimate inspiration for our design philosophy.

Connect with your Environment
Construction is the implementation of the design and planning process. We take the time to create pertinent site details which aid in a creating well implemented project.

With our years of experience in the industry we are knowledgeable in construction practices and know the value of the contractor’s skill in building our designs. We work with design details and contractors to evolve designs into practical solutions with accurate application to the site. This provides a high level of design detail within an efficient, sustainable project.

White Cloud Design provides fully integrated site design, from site consulting and redesign on small projects to total site planning.

We apply Strong, Smart Design, Wise use of Resources and a full understanding of the Project Goals to create beautiful, innovative, functional, and practical design solutions.

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