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Elevating Montana Homes to New Heights

by Alex Clarkson


We often think of an elevator as utilitarian equipment that brings us up to a doctor’s appointment or an office space. Yet in the context of a home, an elevator is so much more than a way to get from here to there. The Big Sky Elevator Service team sees a residential elevator as an opportunity to demonstrate architectural prowess. This local, family-owned business is renowned for their world-class service and upscale builds, and as a result, their elevators can be found in numerous luxury homes across the Montana landscape.

“Elevators are an artistic statement piece central to the home,” explains Peter Wheaton, who co-owns the company with his wife. Big Sky Elevator Service has deep roots in Montana, having designed, installed, and serviced both residential and commercial elevators across the state for over 26 years. Integral to the team is their sales manager who also has over 30 years of experience partnering with homeowners, architects, builders, and contractors to bring elevators to homes throughout the area. From next-level luxury to solutions for the mobility impaired, Big Sky Elevator Service provides a reliable mode of transportation for any home. The company’s projects are located across the state including its high-end corners – Whitefish, Kalispell, Bigfork, Missoula, Bitterroot Valley, Bozeman, Big Sky, the Yellowstone Club, and Moonlight Basin.


“Thanks to our local presence, we can provide a unique hands-on experience for our clients – we can meet with them face to face to discuss projects from the very beginning of the design phase.” –
–Peter Wheaton, Owner, Big Sky Elevator Service

On-the-Ground Customer Service

The team prides itself in offering an intimate and personalized customer service experience. They’re a nimble group, and can work quickly to get back to customers with design proposals. “Thanks to our local presence, we can provide a unique hands-on experience for our clients – we can meet with them face to face to discuss projects from the very beginning of the design phase,” explains Peter.

As a project progresses, the team is readily available to work onsite with architects, builders, and contractors to answer any questions or help make changes as needed. As most other elevator companies are based out of state, this attentive, hands-on style is unique to Big Sky Elevator Service. And no matter which staff member a customer interacts with, everyone on the team is highly experienced. As the elevator trade requires licensed mechanics, the company invests in ongoing education and training for its specialized team who can then support the team onsite – ensuring a high level of quality control and attention to detail for every project.

“At our company, safety, reliability, service, and quality design are at the core of who we are. Homeowners can expect to receive an industry-leading product that their passengers can count on,” explains Peter. When the Wheatons first started in this business, they were invigorated by the challenge of building an elevator that keeps in touch with the style of a home. “With each elevator we build, we try to make sure it’s enveloped into the home, rather than standing out as a piece of equipment,” explains Peter. In partnership with design teams, Big Sky Elevator Service takes care to integrate specific design elements from the house like cowhide interiors, barnwood floors, or sweeping glass windows to ensure that an elevator blends seamlessly.

Big Sky Elevator Service has sold the Canadian brand Savaria since its early days, and recently received the prestigious Five Star Dealer Award. “We use Savaria products for our residential projects because we want to deliver the finest equipment for our customers,” says Peter. The company’s close partnership with Savaria allows the team to be extraordinarily creative while also turning around a project quickly. Savaria is renowned for its innovation and support – they work with Big Sky Elevator Service to interpret direction from architects and designers, always prioritizing helping homeowners to make their designs come to life. “In the homes we serve, having an elevator is akin to radiant floors, high-end windows, and top-of-the-line finishes.


“We build an ongoing relationship with our customers.”
–Peter Wheaton, Owner, Big Sky Elevator Service

Seamless Installations

Working together with designers, architects, builders, and contractors, the team at Big Sky offers hands-on support throughout every project installation. The team has 30 years of construction experience and a combined elevator experience of over four decades, which is invaluable to the success of every installation.

Regardless of the circumstances or timing, the team is willing to accommodate customers’ needs. It’s not uncommon that homeowners can’t provide design direction for an elevator until a house is at a certain point in the construction phase. Big Sky Elevator Service can wait until a house has come together more clearly, and will launch a project towards the end of a build when the design principles are in place. And for homeowners undergoing a remodel, Big Sky Elevator Service has a wide range of experience with elevator retrofits. “People get tired of lugging skis or groceries and realize how much an elevator could support them throughout their daily lives,” says Peter.


“In the homes we serve, having an elevator is akin to radiant floors, high-end windows, and top-of-the-line finishes. All add tremendous value to the home. An elevator should be as masterfully built as the rest of the house. Savaria elevators reflect that level of refinement.”
–Peter Wheaton, Owner, Big Sky Elevator Service

Big Sky Elevator Service’s clients are often in the process of building or refurbishing homes that will serve as the central gathering space for their families. Just as important are instances in which installing an elevator will offer or improve accessibility within a home. As a result, the company is well versed in installing functional elevators. “Our customers are designing spaces where family units will come together to meet and enjoy Montana. An elevator enables everyone in a family to make memories while ensuring that their physical needs are met,” says Peter. “They provide a sense of security knowing everyone can navigate their homes.”

Dedicated Service & Maintenance

Not only does the team develop and install a custom elevator (or in some cases, multiple elevators) for each build, they also take care of them after the installation. This ongoing service sets the company apart from the rest. Out-of-state companies that install an elevator in Montana often can’t offer ongoing maintenance and service in a timely manner. And for such a central, often necessary component of the home, timely servicing is an essential aspect to owning an elevator. “The elevator business is different from many. A lot of trades never go back to their original installations. But we build an ongoing relationship with our customers,” says Peter. With headquarters in Missoula, the company’s staff and technicians can offer quick response times and home visits. And although Big Sky Elevator Service installs Savaria for residential projects, the company is well-equipped to service many other brands installed throughout Montana.

The team’s admiration for Montana and its community comes through in every project. “The beauty of the Flathead Valley is so inspiring to us. We’re lucky to be a part of the building and remodeling of so many tremendous homes on the lakes and mountains surrounding us,” explains Peter. For any homeowner looking to add a statement elevator to their home executed with care and consideration, Big Sky Elevator Service is ready to build a piece that reflects the refined beauty and easy lifestyle we are all drawn to in Montana.

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