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Finding Fall Treasures In The Flathead


Lucy in the Sky
Zetooney Hanson Interiors

913 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 202 | Whitefish, MT 406.407.7211
Inspired by the open-minded and peace-loving 60’s, this colorful series embodies the distinctive informal counterculture shaggy style dip-dyed in wool. Casual, vibrant and artistic, this art piece represents a time when fashion and décor were expressive and free. 34”H x 34”W x 10”D



Glass Bowl
Wright’s Furniture

6325 Hwy 93 S | Whitefish, MT 406.862.2455
This transparent aqua glass bowl on teak wood base is the
perfect decorative accent to any coffee table, dining table, console or island counter. It is available in several sizes and will always be unique due to the natural wood shape of the base.



Great Plains Bison Canvas
Hunter & Company Interior Design

200 Wisconsin Ave | Whitefish, MT 406.862.1402
This framed piece is a limited edition, print on canvas and is signed by Dolan Geiman. Convey the feeling of the northwest range in a contemporary way with this whimsical and textural piece in any room. 45”W x 36”H



Hello Friend Sculpture
Tate Interiors

6464 US-93 S | Whitefish, MT 406.862.5777
Playful, cast iron, sculpture featuring a dark brown horse with light bronze tipping turned to greet the antique gold bird on his back. 9”W x 10”H x 4”D | $297



Flathead Cherry

Lakeside, Missoula, & Whitefish, MT 406.480.2375
Crafted in white lacquer with an etched brass stem, these “Flathead Cherries” create a great stand-alone sculpture on your dining table or kitchen island. Or simply place them on top of a stack of coffee table books for a one-of-a-kind decorative accent that is both elegant and regional. 23”H x 13”W x 10”D | $415