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Av Systems Designed With Service In Mind

by Hadley Solferino

The year 2020 has changed the way we live and interact with our homes. We spend more time working and relaxing at home, and there’s a new reality of human connection that relies on technology. In Montana, we’re seeing people staying longer in their vacation homes and college kids staying home with their families and doing their classes on Zoom instead of going back to campus. Advanced whole-home WiFi networks are more important than ever, and must be able to handle the bandwidth of multiple users, whether on Zoom or Netflix. More time at home means that security, surveillance, and automated technology is playing an especially critical role in our homes comfort and safety.

“If the WiFi isn’t solid then the rest of the system will never perform to its potential or deliver a good client experience, and that impacts everything from Zoom meetings to streaming music and movies.”
–Matt Grant, CEO, Eyehear Technology Group



Eyehear Technology Group is the most established AV and smart home integration firm in the Flathead Valley. It just celebrated its 20th anniversary in January, and has a team of 25 that continues to grow. Eyehear’s heritage is rooted in providing the best private theaters, media rooms, and traditional AV throughout the Flathead and they have grown into one of the premier integration firms in the country offering design, sales, installation, and service of advanced technology systems. These systems include whole-home WiFi, lighting control, automated shades, smart thermostats, house music, security, surveillance, health and wellness tech, and more.

Eyehear sources each product based on quality, user experience, and how it will perform in the environment at hand. The products they select for outdoor applications, for example, are rated to withstand Montana’s extreme temperatures and harsh climate.

The team is truly passionate about music and cinema, and that passion shows in the products and end results they deliver. They are the only dealer in NW Montana for products like McIntosh and Bowers & Wilkins, and they can offer Flathead Valley clients the same speakers as those used at Skywalker Ranch to produce Star Wars, and at Abbey Road Studios to produce the Beatles and Adele.

Eyehear is committed to bringing world-class AV integration to the Flathead Valley. Their systems are versatile and can support anything from a small condo in downtown Whitefish to a sprawling ranch in Big Fork. They are often selected for their comprehensive ability to provide all aspects of a fully integrated home, and in a time when feeling safe and secure at home includes both physical security as well as network and cybersecurity, Eyehear has their clients covered with dedicated security and IT teams.

“Typically, the landscape design is the last part of the home construction process,” says McDonald. “Oftentimes, budgets are limited at the end of a project and that can be a challenge. We try to educate clients so they can think about and plan ahead for their landscape design needs. We don’t want people to become so burnt out by architects and engineers that they quit on their outdoor opportunities. The reality is, good design in outdoor space requires spending resources, but it results in huge benefits.” By integrating a budget for your outdoor design and amenities into the overall project budget from the start, you can make informed decisions along the way.

“We’re spending more time at home than ever before. Why not enjoy it?”
–Matt Grant, CEO, Eyehear Technology Group




Matt Grant, Eyehear’s CEO, has built premium residential technology systems for entertainers and recording artists all across the country. In Matt’s experience, the WiFi network is the foundation for the technology used in today’s modern homes. He says, “If the WiFi isn’t solid then the rest of the system will never perform to its potential or deliver a good client experience, and that impacts everything from Zoom meetings to streaming music and movies.”

One of the first questions a senior system designer at Eyehear will ask a new client during the initial consultation is who is the internet service provider (ISP) and what are the WiFi connectivity needs. The senior system designers are industry veterans with decades of experience working with homeowners, designers, and builders. They will talk through the client’s individual needs and wishes, either on-site or in Eyehear’s showroom in northwestern Montana. Eyehear will then create a custom designed proposal with a scope of work to ensure that the project goals and budget are clearly communicated.

User experience is at the core of Eyehear’s guiding principles, particularly with WiFi and home automation systems. The more bandwidth is taxed, the slower the speeds, and the worse the user experience becomes. Flathead Valley’s luxury homes present a unique challenge to standard WiFi equipment because of their size and wall density. Additionally, the weaker the internet connection is from the ISP, the more important a home’s WiFi equipment becomes.


Blazing-fast internet can be slowed down and hindered by basic equipment. Similarly, a weak signal needs to be amplified and distributed throughout the home with equipment that is designed to manage the hand-off so the homeowners can roam freely through their home without losing connection. While do-it-yourself products are often standard issue from internet companies, they are not sufficient for large luxury homes. Eyehear bridges that gap by providing business- and enterprise-grade equipment that maximizes WiFi speed and connectivity throughout the home.

Eyehear’s goal is to use technology to elevate coming home and the experience within. “We’re spending more time at home than ever before,” says Matt. “Why not enjoy it?” As he points out, it’s hard to enjoy our homes without reliable WiFi and it’s even harder to be at home if we don’t feel safe, which speaks to another aspect of Eyehear’s business in security and surveillance.

Eyehear is the only residential AV and integration firm in the Valley that is certified to do full fire and life safety systems along with security and surveillance. They have a dedicated security team that installs and services all aspects of a security, fire, and surveillance system. Whether it’s seeing who’s at the front door or keeping an eye on the property remotely, security and surveillance systems are in demand.

Once WiFi and security needs have been met, Eyehear focuses on the luxuries that enable us to enjoy our homes. Selling and installing Samsung Frame TVs, integrating whole-house Sonos music systems, designing private theaters, and integrating Lutron lighting and shade controls are just some of the ways Eyehear increases livability. Lighting control sets the mood, and music can be streamed from a Pandora or Spotify before watching a movie on Netflix. All of this can happen with the touch of a button from your smart phone.

“System design with service in mind means that we are designing for long-term use. We’re not just thinking about how it works on day 1, but how it will work for you on day 1,000.”
–Matt Grant, CEO, Eyehear Technology Group



“System design with service in mind means that we are designing for long-term use,” explains Matt. “We’re not just thinking about how it works on day 1, but how it will work for you on day 1,000.” How the systems are designed directly relates to how easily and quickly they can be serviced, as well as how reliable they will be.

Eyehear’s goal is to be able to remotely fix any issues without having to enter a home. That remote service takes planning and design, since the components that go into the system are not necessarily designed by default for remote maintenance. Eyehear delivers additional value by planning ahead so a homeowner’s lifestyle is not interrupted by a service call. Eyehear’s system designs all include backup batteries, surge protection, and remote power management for quick reboots from the service team.

For Matt, his goal is for Eyehear to continue growing in its design, installation, and service abilities to deliver next-level integration and world-class service for clients’ homes across North America. He is also excited to roll out Eyehear’s new 24/7/365 service plan that is designed to offer comprehensive support from a dedicated advanced remote service team.

For more information on Eyehear Technology Group, call 406.756.0206 or email contact@eyehear.us.