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Elevating the Soul

Enhancing One’s Life: AZADI Fine Rugs & BELLA Fine Goods

by Alex Clarkson

AZADI Fine Rugs is a family business that has been honored to share history, art, and culture through the magic of handwoven rugs for over two centuries. After opening AZADI Fine Rugs in Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona, and Telluride, Colorado, Jackson Hole seemed like the next logical location for owner David Neishabori. AZADI’s mission has always been to provide the most refined clients and interior designers in the world with an unforgettable experience and an unparalleled selection of high-quality contemporary and antique rugs.

“After operating AZADI Fine Rugs for many years, I was able to critically look at what we could do for our clients and explore what else we could do to enhance their lifestyles and bring happiness to their lives. Not only to add beauty to their homes, but also to enhance their lives. I wanted to help create celebrated moments and memories for them and become part of their lives like they have become part of ours,” says David. Out of that desire the concept for BELLA Fine Goods emerged.


“Everything begins at home. When your home is beautiful, you feel good about yourself. Your soul is uplifted and your interactions with other people become gentler, kinder, and better.”

–David Neishabori, Owner, AZADI Fine Rugs & BELLA Fine Goods

AZADI and BELLA’s mutual goal is to share beauty with an unforgettable experience. Together, their focus is luxury goods: handwoven rugs in pure wool and silk, fine jewelry lines exclusive to the store from Italy, Portugal, and Belgium, upscale home furnishings, and unique pieces of original fine art. “Whether you have a home that is already furnished and you want to add a new, special touch, or acquire a painting that will enhance your mood, we constantly look at our work from three perspectives: 1) Is it a reflection of you, 2) Does it give you that comfy, cozy, or homey feeling, and 3) Does it add value, meaning and is it artistic or emotional for you,” David says. “We want to make sure it’s practical, unique, that it elevates your soul, and enhances your life.”

At the core, AZADI and BELLA believe in the immense power of a well-designed home to influence everything from self-esteem to communication and a sense of peace. “Everything begins at home,” David explains. “When your home is beautiful, you feel good about yourself. Your soul is uplifted and your interactions with other people become gentler, kinder, and better.”

The two galleries curate items that are uplifting and energy-giving. “We hope our selections put a smile on your face from the moment you walk into one of our showrooms,” David shares. “Time is the most valuable asset to our clients, so we make it a top priority to go out of our way to take care of them. When they open their homes during holidays, during gatherings with friends, special occasions – or for themselves when they come from work – we want their homes to be so beautiful that the unforgettable experience and quality of their home is shared with their friends and families.”

AZADI Fine Rugs

A fine rug brings a room together, and one from AZADI is a foundation in fine living. Their rugs are all handwoven in areas from Turkey to Nepal. They are made of Turkish silk and New Zealand wool. Once the raw natural materials are sourced and dyed, they are distributed to the weaving centers.

“Imagine a room with a sofa, coffee table, art, and a lamp, but the one thing that really makes it complete is the rug,” David says. “I believe the connection the rug provides to a room is where the magic is. Rugs are very personal. They each tell a story, like a piece of art. A rug talks to you, it sings to you, and it does magic to your soul. Your home reflects who you are, so we focus on whether you entertain, whether you’re quieter, like color and texture, and we find a beautiful rug that enhances your life.”

BELLA Fine Goods


Whether it is fine jewelry, unique home furnishings, or fine art, the colors and designs of an environment have an overall effect on one’s wellbeing and soul. “They enhance your mood, and ultimately elevate your spirit,” David shares.

BELLA Fine Goods believes in telling a story through fine jewelry, furnishings, and fine art. Each piece of their tasteful assortment has been handcrafted with love, joy, and harmony and is designed to be inspiring and embody the best that life offers. David adds, “BELLA’s collection helps bring your story to life by creating celebrated memories for you and your loved ones.”

Someone’s personal story becomes a legacy when an individual connects with a greater community. Being the oldest child in his family, David was taught from a young age to take care of his siblings. His grandfather first helped cultivate that sense of altruism, and David continues to develop it in his greater community today. “I believe that living is about giving, so we’ve made it a point to be involved with local charities in AZADI/BELLA communities,” he says.

In Jackson Hole, AZADI/BELLA supports the National Museum of Wildlife Art by sponsoring the yearly Collector’s Circle event. They donate regularly to Teton Youth and Family Services around the holidays with a turkey drive and gift drive, and the AZADI American Dream program has been implemented into the Jackson Hole school district’s 6th grade curriculum. “There is a contest where each student is asked to share their vision of the ‘American Dream’ through art,” David explains. The finalist’s art is then woven into a rug and then sold, with every dollar donated back to the school system.

AZADI has philanthropic ties to the communities in all of its locations, including donating $100,000 to the Telluride Science Research Center to aid in the research of COVID-19. “Our community is our family,” David says. “It isn’t just about running a successful business, it’s about a deep commitment to the communities we serve.” AZADI’s rugs and BELLA’s fine jewelry, furnishings, and art are unforgettable. Beyond their physical beauty, they carry the spirit of a deeper community connection that enhances the quality of life as a whole.