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Cabinetry Comes Alive

by Jenny Walton

…butler’s pantries–small to medium rooms located off the kitchen…they provide designated areas for preparing, plating, and clean-up, in addition to bread-makers, fryers, sous vides, wine racks, extra sinks, and refrigeration units….

Your kitchen has a history—it is the central gathering place in your home. It provides a place to connect over food preparation, nourishment, and hospitality while providing an inviting place to gather in a casual setting conducive to conversations and a sense of togetherness. It’s the ultimate multi-functional space—a hub for activities like homework, reading, or catching up on daily tasks. As a natural meeting point, it attracts family members and guests as they share their daily experiences while cooking or waiting for food to be ready. It is your home’s most loved, most visited area. Peppertree Kitchen and Bath’s approach to transforming your kitchen into a luxurious outpost is through their custom cabinetry.

Whether it’s a massive space with monochromatic shades of white and floor-to-ceiling cabinets or a European-style masterpiece combining natural woods with shimmering brushed brass fixtures, Peppertree Kitchen and Bath welcomes the intricacies that kitchens require to exude personalization and utilization. Built to exact specifications and perfect for the layout and size of a particular space, custom cabinetry features high-end finishes, such as exotic wood veneers, painted hardwoods, and custom hardware. Custom cabinetry proposes a kitchen’s unexpected intimacy or its calm demeanor. Many elements define a cabinet’s style—from contrasting wood tones, tactile and reflective surfaces, glass fronts, slab-style, flat, recessed, or grooved panels, to name a few. You can also maintain your home’s style by matching cabinets to existing historical elements or replicating furniture. Options to customize, mix, and match appliance panels to cabinetry and install new hardware and countertops also establish a cabinet’s look.

Peppertree’s 30-plus years of expertise and in-house designers translate timeless design and challenging concepts while collaborating with homeowners and interior designers. Their portfolio is a testament to their clients’ dreams made real.

“Wood veneers are inconsistently consistent, which creates a memorable kitchen. Many kinds of wood complement each other, and the results are stunning.”

-Wyatt McDaniel, Owner, Peppertree Kitchen and Bath


Recent projects have included incorporating Querkus, a stunning wood veneer from Decospan, into several projects. Subtle interpretations of simple compositions highlight a kitchen’s reimagining. By nature, and from nature, wood veneer is sliced from a log, and because every tree is unique, every veneer has an individual look. These thin slices of wood cover surfaces, like cabinetry, to create striking and sustainable finishes. A few examples of wood veneers are oak, maple, walnut, and mahogany. Oak is a durable hardwood that is often used in traditional or rustic-style furniture, while maple is a light-colored hardwood prized for its uniform grain patterns and is more often used in modern or contemporary styles. Walnut is a dark-colored hardwood known for its rich, warm tones and distinctive grain patterns, and mahogany is another hardwood for its sumptuous reddish-brown color. The specific type of wood veneer used depends on the desired aesthetic and functionality of the finished product.

Peppertree’s owner, Wyatt McDaniel, explains, “Wood veneers are inconsistently consistent, which creates a memorable kitchen. Many kinds of wood complement each other, and the results are stunning.” Decospan carries over 150 types of wood, from oak, pine, and walnut to bamboo, birch, maple, and woods you might have yet to consider. Natural woods are preferable to laminate or melamine—imitations that often repeat patterns and colors that don’t exist in wood species. Did you know that how your wood is sliced and jointed—details that add to the drama—can make your kitchen come alive? The first steps are choosing the wood and considering its application (appliance fronts and island back panels), the door style, and your home’s architecture. Are you looking to create a statement with a bold, high-tech look or a tailored, traditional style? Perhaps you want to change out elements in an all-white farmhouse kitchen with stained oak details. McDaniel continues, “We listen to our clients and contractors, and what’s exciting for us is watching a project take shape. That’s a rewarding element of our environment—a client’s satisfaction!”


Have you considered a kitchen renovation for longer than you’re prepared to admit? Not to worry, you’re not alone. Those clean surfaces, gleaming appliances, and gallery-style lighting are designed for aesthetics and functionality. With bespoke cabinetry, the design can include ample cooking, storage, and entertaining space, with islands or a communal seating area and easy access to multiple refrigerators or chilled drawers for fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, wine, and beverages. Of course, a kitchen is more than its cooking and preparation capabilities. Open floor plans and expansive islands make them ideal for hosting social gatherings. Additional features like built-in wine coolers, wet bars, and other amenities make a formal dinner party or casual get-together an effortless adventure.

Recently, Peppertree has received requests for butler’s pantries—small to medium rooms located off the kitchen. These pantries have become increasingly popular because they provide designated areas for preparing, plating, and clean-up, in addition to bread-makers, fryers, sous vides, wine racks, extra sinks, and refrigeration units—solutions for those who entertain frequently and who have declared their kitchen as an artistic, social, and culinary destination.

McDaniel adds, “Elaborate butler’s pantries, kitchen cabinets that resemble furniture, engineering swinging bookcases into soft-flowing doors, and perfecting a bathroom’s ambiance by adding depth and texture to cabinets without eliminating their function are just a few examples of what we do. Challenging designs aside, Peppertree Kitchen and Bath can make your kitchen or bath the destination you’ve always dreamed of.”

Peppertree’s professionalism, project management, and solution-based designs are at the forefront of kitchen and bath designs. With showrooms in West Jordan, Utah, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a new or remodeled kitchen with freshly built cabinets that align with materials, colors, and finishes to complement your kitchen’s vision can remake the heart of your home into a functional, exquisite space that meets your needs and contributes to your daily living experience.