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Rocky Mountain Hardware

By Jennifer Walton

Inspiration comes in all forms. For some, it’s from nature or travel. For others, it’s from art, music, or architecture. In fact, an idea or influence can sprout from just about anywhere at any time. Fortunately, when a client feels that pulse of inspiration and requests a one-of-a-kind design, that’s when Rocky Mountain Hardware sticks to its mantra of “never say no.” How is that possible?

Higher Love with High Polish- Jackson Hole Rocky Mountain Hardware Sinks

Rocky Mountain Hardware, the leading manufacturer of bronze architectural hardware now in its 24th year, has a habit of being at the forefront of design and implementation. For the last five years, it has offered a choice of 10 finishes; however, recently, when clients expressed specific inspirations, which resulted in that mantra, the company announced two new high-polish finishes in silicon bronze, with a gold mirror-like finish, and white bronze, with a silver mirror-like finish, because “never say no” underlines the Idaho-based company’s philosophy.

Often, clients and their interior designers question hardware’s provenance. All of Rocky Mountain Hardware’s pieces are produced using Old World casting techniques, with each product touching no less than 30 hands throughout a meticulous 20-step process that culminates with a piece of premium quality, expertly crafted bronze that is as individual as its owner and designed to mature over time with climate, age, and touch.

Daring or traditional, rustic contemporary or modern chic, from cabinet and door to kitchen and bath hardware, these high-polish finishes in silicon bronze and white bronze can prompt custom applications with distinct aesthetics.

Higher Love with High Polish- Jackson Hole Bronze Sink

Silicon bronze contains copper, silicon, and zinc, resulting in a coppery-gold finish. White bronze is composed of copper, manganese, nickel, and zinc, creating a silver tone. After a rigorous hand polishing, both silicon and white bronzes take on a glow, one that is subtle and bold with big style. Because of the company’s dedication to producing hardware cast of 90% post-consumer recycled bronze, all of the sculptural art is environmentally conscious.

Rocky Mountain Hardware, the leading manufacturer of bronze architectural hardware now in its 24th year, has a habit of being at the forefront of design.

Higher Love with High Polish- Jackson Hole Bronze Polish

Higher Love with High Polish- Jackson Hole White Bronze

Higher Love with High Polish- Jackson Hole Hardware

Here, the Alice Sink captures form and function in silicon bronze high polished. A beauty to behold, the pretty and practical vessel is self-rimming or undermount. When it comes to shape, this sink recalls the pure notions of texture and radiance. Regardless of whether the sink occupies a powder room or lives side-by-side in a master, it can reflect its personality alone or juxtaposed with faucet choices, cabinet pulls, and various bathroom accessories.

The Cascade Sink in silicon bronze high polished makes a case for minimalism while balancing out a space with its square size. Its simplicity can serve as a contrast to any design style.

Focusing on an entry to a home can be filled with decisions, decisions, decisions! The new Edge Entry set allows the front door to be the focal point in the home and while it provides security, its sublime design in high polish is clearly one of the best investments in establishing the style of the residence. Choosing a finish such as high polish complements the exterior and interior entryway, and provides guests with the first “touch” of the home.

Cabinet pulls, appliance pulls, and hooks in silicone bronze and white bronze high finishes can identify and transform the entire look of a space, regardless of that space’s size, color, or style. There’s no doubt that these are the accessories of a well-considered kitchen or bath. Room by room, Rocky Mountain Hardware’s handsome, elegant, and sophisticated hardware can be combined to adapt to a variety of color palettes, countertops, and lighting fixtures.

The company’s mantra, “never say no,” is the consequence of years of listening to clients and developing relationships, while partnering with homeowners, architects, builders, and interior designers to determine how to bring that afterglow into their homes. These gold mirror-like and silver mirror-like silicon bronze finishes are that little bit of brilliance that will make a big statement wherever they’re placed.

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