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Pipeline to Luxury

by Tibby Plasse

If you want the luxury of having your house warm and driveway cleared of fresh snow from the minute you land at the Salt Lake City airport, then All Hours is the plumbing and HVAC controller you need.

With a team of 110 people and 52 very recognizable blue trucks, All Hours serves Salt Lake County, Utah County, Davis County, and Park City 24 hours a day. But for All Hours, accessibility is not the only reason to contract their services; it’s their knowledge and forward-thinking approach to how to evolve with the customers’ needs and evolving technology.

“The team combined has well over 30 years of experience in boilers, ice melt, and customer service,” says Stacey Clayton, Human Resources and Senior Operations Director at All Hours.

The must-haves of residential luxury like snow-melting driveways, tankless water heaters, and multi HVAC air systems with ductless splits might not sound on par with fine art collecting—but the truth is that the engineering in these systems is not just progressive and efficient, there is also an artistry to it.


“The team combined has well over 30 years of experience in boilers, ice melt, and customer service.”
–Stacey Clayton, Human Resources & Senior Operations Director, All Hours

Whether it’s new construction or a one-room remodel, choices are limitless when it comes to upgrading the most used areas of your home like the kitchen and bathrooms. Functional aesthetics include look, use, and efficiency. From touchless faucets and custom bathtubs or rain showers, to heated towel racks and radiant floors, a bathroom isn’t just a bathroom—it’s a reprieve. If your home overlooks the panorama of the Wasatch, you can have your soak space manifest into the epitome of relaxation and indulgence. Why not turn what used to only be available on a vacation into an everyday experience?

All Hours embraces technology, making options for their clients bountiful and making their clients’ homes more manageable, safer, and energy-efficient. At the heart of All Hours is not just the capacity for quality service, it’s the ethos that creates All Hours’ quality service.

Owners Adam Mose and Charles Staszkiewicz want to make sure that every job exceeds expectations. “We go above and beyond in everything we do—every action, every word, every service, every time. We continue to learn daily so we can be better in this moment than ever before. When we devote our full attention and effort to everything we do, we create a confident environment and situation for everything and everyone involved.”

To that end, each employee and vehicle works at all times in consideration of the All Hours mantra. Mose describes it as a foundation for their service, and articulates a clear understanding that each team member is an extension of the company’s reputation. “Truth. Trust. Reputation. Credibility. Integrity. Integrity is essential because our reputation remains long after we’ve finished a conversation or a project. When we work to enhance our reputation, we serve the team and clients by creating a predictable and trustworthy experience. Honesty and doing the right thing are our golden standards—and that includes making sure the client doesn’t need to pay more than is necessary or have a job redone a second time.”