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Playing With Fire

by Tibby Plasse

For 800,000 years human beings have been gathering around the hearth. Originally, the gift of fire was the determination of life and death, food and warmth—these days, gathering around the flames comes with a little more luxury.

Uintah Fireplace and Design offers the modern home dweller the chance to cultivate desire, not just need. With a 1,500-square-foot showroom and over 25 years of experience, Uintah Fireplace and Design is not only at the forefront of the engineering behind what heats a home, but they are also at the cross-section of aesthetics for all styles.

The greater Salt Lake area, including its surrounding canyons, has to adhere to many restrictions when it comes to fire. Thus, there is a greater need for more fire-related options. Uintah Fireplace and Design offers many. Their complete inventory of linear, natural gas, electric, burning log options, firepits, grills, contemporary looks, and inserts for traditional hearths provides customers with an unmatched selection and customer service team to make the selection process a one-stop experience with their sister company, All Hours.

“Two dominant trends right now are that homeowners are going for a more modern look of the linear fireplace, or they want to create a cabin feel in the mountains with an open fire and log set. Both are ideal for remodels and new construction,” says owner Adam Mose.

Mose owns the sister company All Hours and was looking to open a fireplace showroom in Heber City due to the amount of cross-traffic between the business of HVAC, heating, and plumbing with fireplaces. In early 2020, Uintah Fireplace and Design came up for sale and Mose saw the quintessential opportunity to provide quality products and superior customer service, all within a household name that the region already recognized as the go-to option for all fire-related products.


“There are so many features to choose from these days; the sky is the limit when it comes to fires.”
–Adam Mose, Owner, Uintah Fireplace and Design

“We can adjust gas lines and handle service along with the installation, and we can take care of everything at once. It’s a great match for existing customers and new construction,” says Mose.

Mose says that their inventory is a bit of everything—electric, linear, outdoor entertaining, and many inserts. According to Mose, inserts are quite popular for homeowners who want to update the function and feel of their home without breaking their bank accounts. “They don’t require a remodel and can utilize the original fireplace for sometimes less than $5k versus a $10k full-on remodel,” he explains.

Beyond the strict fire codes, there are more reasons to move away from wood-burning heat options. Having a thermostat is cleaner, predictable, and completely controllable. This means that it’s not only easier to maintain and keep your hearth area cleaner, it also makes the heat source more appropriate for all ages. Natural gas and electric heating options are ideal for older homeowners who want to stay independent, and safety measures exist to keep children from getting injured by an open flame.

“There are so many features to choose from these days; the sky is the limit when it comes to fires,” explains Mose. Burning log options can be driftwood or birch. Design options can be set to match holiday and entertaining needs, such as chestnuts or cookies within the logs for the holidays.

Due to the changing circumstances of COVID-19, Uintah Fireplace and Design recommends that clients call the showroom before stopping by to ensure a safe and private shopping experience. Their website, uintahfireplace.com, is a great place to begin brainstorming design and material options.