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by Alex Clarkson

“Game rooms have always been popular, but we’re seeing even higher demand now that people are staying home more,” says Josh Thorne, owner of Quality Billiards & Game Rooms. “Now is the time to disconnect from your phone, improve your home recreational space, and reconnect with your family in a different way.”

As Josh sees it, there has never been a better time to expand your home entertainment options. The team at Quality Billiards & Game Rooms is fully equipped to help you build your very own custom game room and answer your call for setting the stage for some good, old-fashioned family fun.

“Game rooms have always been popular, but we’re seeing even higher demand now that people are staying home more,”
–Josh Thorne, Qwner, Quality Billiards & Game Rooms


This January will mark Quality Billiards & Game Rooms 50th anniversary. The family-owned and -operated business has a long history in Salt Lake City that includes the design and manufacturing of pool tables, including some of the first designs for industry leader, Olhausen Billiards, back in the early 1970s. Over the last several decades, Quality Billiards & Game Rooms has earned the reputation as Utah’s Game Room Headquarters.


In their newly renovated modern showroom, clients can experience the product offerings first-hand by playing, touching, and seeing their assortment. “Buying a billiards table or other game room equipment online can be very challenging,” says Thorne. “You might find something that looks great in an image, but when the real product arrives, it’s not the quality level you expected and it falls apart in less than a year. Our showroom gives our clients the chance to have a full understanding of the products they are buying. Many of our products are American-made and most even have lifetime warranties.”

When Thorne purchased Quality Billiards & Game Rooms in September 2019, he was committed to taking the business to a new level and improving its already well-respected reputation. They are still the dedicated experts when it comes to pool tables, but also specialize in everything game room-related. In addition to offering the largest selection of billiard supplies in the state, Quality Billiards carries a huge variety of game room essentials, including shuffleboard tables, air hockey tables, ping pong tables, foosball tables, arcade games, pinball machines, darts, dart boards and accessories, slot machines, poker tables and supplies, and much more. All of their products are from the top brands in the industry. They have even gone beyond the physical gaming experience by working on projects that include state-of-the-art simulators and virtual reality.



The staff at Quality Billiards & Game Rooms does not just sell equipment, they also collaborate with interior designers, builders, architects, and private individuals to help create the ideal game room space. Using their professional expertise, they develop plans with several important factors in mind: function, physical space, lighting, and layout.

“There are so many considerations when putting together a great game room,” says Thorne. “Many of which most people may not think of or overlook. That’s where we can offer our expertise and serve as a valuable resource as they navigate the process.”

When it comes to function, the team works with homeowners to determine how each customer envisions the space being used. What are the goals for the space? How much seating is needed? Is the room going to be strictly for gaming, or will there be other entertainment in the space, such as a home theater?



The next step is assessing the physical space and selecting equipment that is the proper size. The most popular home pool table size is eight feet, but that is not necessarily the best size for every client’s space or desired level of use. Choosing a table that fits the room correctly is critical for quality game play as well as overall enjoyment in the room. Players need to have the open area necessary to perform their best, and there are also other less obvious factors to consider, such as cue length, spectator seating, and space for drinks and snacks.

Lighting is another often overlooked but important factor to consider to fully enjoy the game room experience. The light should be evenly distributed over the playing area and layered with technical expertise. Accent lights, glares, and shadows can all negatively affect the playing experience which relies on different vantage points and perspectives than other rooms.

A well-designed game room also needs to capture the owner’s aesthetic, and gaming tables today can match the style of any home – from rustic farmhouse to sleek contemporary. To that end, the manufacturers that Quality Billiards works with offer great opportunities for customization, allowing clients to select the size, finish, and material of their tables.

In addition to the time-honored, carved wooden tables that many people picture when they think of a pool table, manufacturers also offer a wide range of designs to fit today’s diverse architectural styles. Brushed aluminum pieces look striking in a mountain modern space, while tables from raw cut trees fit right into the log cabin-style aesthetic. They also offer several types of billiard cloth, which is an additional way for clients to get the custom look they desire.

With over 67 years of combined experience, the team at Quality Billiards & Game Rooms provides five-star customer service that does not stop after the products are purchased. Clients can rely on them for delivery, professional installation, recovering, and general repairs on all the products they offer.

“We have an exceptional team, and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction,” says Thorne. “I feel very fortunate to be in the business I’m in. We are glad to help people and families create spaces they enjoy.”

For more information, visit qualitybilliards.com, call 801.466.6815 or stop by the new showroom at 1865 South State Street in Salt Lake City.