Nirvana Rendering

With the strengths of his team alongside him, Lane Myers is looking for new challenges. One of Myers’ most prized possessions is an album placed prominently in his office where he has compiled notes of thanks and appreciation from his clients. “All of my career I have tried to achieve the highest possible excellence in home construction, and when I get letters and notes like these, it reminds me that the extra effort and pushing myself to do better with each project is worth it.”

To say that Lane Myers has experience is as much of an understatement as saying his homes are well built. Lane Myers Construction opened its doors in 1991, but Lane Myers’ experience began much earlier. “I knew from the time I was a boy that I wanted to build homes. I started to work early in the industry for a large production builder, and I then worked my way up in the specialty crafts. I’ve been an estimator, project manager, owner of a large ceramic tile installation business, a stucco contractor, a framing contractor, a roofer, a painting contractor, a cabinetmaker, an excavator, and subdivision developer.” Lane Myers Construction has crafted close to 250 distinctive custom homes throughout the Salt Lake Valley and in the Park City area.


Nirvana Rendering

For a subcontractor, it sounds formidable to work for a general contractor like Lane Myers, who has spent years doing subcontractor jobs while developing a sharp eye for detail. “In fact, our relationships with subcontractors are one of the firm’s biggest strengths,” says Lane. “We have worked with most for over 10 years. You are only as good as those around you. Perhaps that’s why they stay with us—I recognize and appreciate quality work and I know how I can best help them get their jobs done. A general contractor has to wear many hats and understand all the aspects on the job.”

The respect seems to run two ways, as subcontractors, material suppliers, and associates in the industry give Myers’ business high marks and recommendations. Comments reflect day-to-day working experiences, such as the post by R.T. Custom Cabinets, “Lane Myers is the premier builder in Utah.” Another says, “They are talented and precise with the ability to always pay attention to detail. As a result, they produce an uncompromising, high-quality home.” And along the same theme, still another colleague notes, “They do quality work and are fair to their subcontractors. They use quality materials and care about the end product for their customers.”

Not only does Lane Myers Construction care about customers, but customers also hold the company in equal respect and affection, a fact exemplified by repeat business. One client has asked Lane Myers Construction to build five homes, and another family has commissioned homes for the parents and both children. David Loeffler, a client for a striking home on the Wasatch Bench, feels the company is like family and hosts the company Christmas party. He says, “I was so fortunate to find what I call The Super Dream Team.”

One of the greatest and most genuine expressions of appreciation for Lane Myers Construction’s abilities is the number of people inside the construction trade who contract with Lane Myers Construction to build their own homes. “I have built over 40 homes for peers in the industry,” answers Lane. One industry insider who chose to build with Lane is Gary R. Free, owner of a real estate appraisal firm, who says, “Experience and quality are things we found with Lane Myers Construction. We highly recommend them.”


Nirvana Rendering

“To me, integrity means standing behind your work and maintaining relationships,” Lane says. He explains that Lane Myers Construction is a small company where clients work closely with everyone in the company.

“One of the reasons we operate so efficiently is that we have a full-time office. Contracting deals with regulations, lending, and other government requirements, and a strong back-end office makes certain we report and comply on time. Also, a large majority of our clients are out-of-town, and our office supplies them a continual feed of materials to keep them informed—photos, videos, drawings, and documents. Maintaining relationships with clients at a distance requires an extra commitment. We keep our books open, too, for full disclosure.”

With Lane’s experience and the rich expertise surrounding him, the company enjoys the design process and collaborating with architects and interior designers. They have, on occasion, even fully designed homes, like a recent Glenwild project in the Park City Showcase of Homes that received very positive reactions from the public. “I think that with our experience and history we not only see what good design is, we also get a sense of trends. For the spec home in Glenwild, we collaborated as a team. We wanted a home that was on the forefront of design with an efficient floor plan.”

The buyers of the home were truly pleased, saying, “Not only did Lane Myers Construction build an incredible home with the highest quality, but they thoughtfully designed a home that flows masterfully from room to room for an ease and comfort in daily living that we have not experienced before from a builder.”


Lane Myers admits that he loves a challenge. He is continuing to build custom homes, but he is again developing property for quality building sites that meet his vision. This time the location is Old Town Park City. “In our Nirvana development, there will be eight new single-family homes, and four will be finishing this winter in time for ski season,” son Tyler Myers reports.

Many clients of Lane Myers Construction claim they can spot a Lane Myers home by simply driving down the street and seeing a difference in quality. With the Nirvana development set to open soon, it will give others a chance to experience a Lane Myers home and see if they, too, can tell the difference.

For more information, call Lane Myers Construction at 801.254.5522 or visit www.lanemyers.com.