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Founded in 1886, GAF is the largest producer of roofing materials in the nation, and Scott Miley, owner of Scott Miley Roofing, finds that GAF’s decorative asphalt shingles offer the aesthetics and choices that many want plus the durability and fire resistance he insists upon for his clients.

A roof’s appearance is key to the overall presence and aesthetic of a home, and this matters in the Wood River Valley, but so does a roof’s ability to withstand the bright summer sun and the blowing winter wind and snow—not to mention the perils of wildfires. That’s why people turn to a professional to balance appearance and function when selecting new or replacement roofing.


The warm color and design variations of GAF shingles mirror the look of traditional wood shakes, but GAF asphalt shingles offer superior longevity and top fire protection.

Scott Miley Roofing has been building and replacing roofs in the Wood River Valley since 1992. A locally-owned business, Scott Miley and his long-term employees are familiar with all that is required to keep homes safe and comfortable throughout the seasons. Another of Scott Miley’s strong suits is fire safety. As a Hailey volunteer firefighter, Scott Miley has been out on the fire lines while homeowners held their breath and waited. “Sparks and ignited debris can be lifted and carried by convection currents easily up to a half-mile from the fire,” he explains, stressing the importance of having a fire-resistant roof on all buildings. “Roofs are the most vulnerable part of the home because they present a large expanse where burning debris may land.”

GAF Asphalt Shingles

GAF specializes in asphalt shingles, and it’s the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing. Asphalt shingles have become a more familiar roofing material in Ketchum, Sun Valley, and Hailey as wooden shakes and shingles are replaced to meet fire code requirements.

Asphalt shingles have progressed since they were first introduced. When asked about fire resistance, Scott Miley responds that the GAF asphalt shingles he uses have a Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the highest rating possible.


GAF has a selection that works with any home’s design or exterior color. Scott Miley finds products that work especially well locally in the Ultra Premium collection, and he especially likes Grand Sequoia, Grand Canyon, and Glenwood from that line.

According to Kyle McAllister, GAF’s hands-on local representative, GAF’s Timberline lifetime architectural shingles collection has consistently won awards and become a favorite of builders. Scott Miley mentions that he likes Timberline’s choices in colors and textures, and how they resemble wood shingles in appearance. “In the past, wood shingles were part of the popular local mountain look for homes, but now, wood shingles don’t meet stricter fire codes nor do they offer the necessary fire protection. It’s nice to have products that have this same aesthetic. It helps homes’ appearances to better fit into their neighborhoods and carry forth the local mountain look.”

“These look so much bolder and impressive for an architecturally designed home; it really surprises me that more don’t use Ultra Premium shingles, especially with the relatively small price differential.”

GAF also offers an Ultra Premium designer roofing shingle line with variations in shape, texture, and color that parallel the unique qualities of more artistic wooden shingles. “Some of these products work especially well here,” says Miley. “I have had really good results using Grand Sequoia, Grand Canyon, and Glenwood shingles from this line. The home’s design drives the shingle selection, and it’s great to have these choices.” Kyle McAllister adds, “These look so much bolder and impressive for an architecturally designed home; it really surprises me that more don’t use Ultra Premium shingles, especially with the relatively small price differential.”


Scot Miley Roofing has a reputation for exact installations. Because Scott Miley Roofing is certified as a Master Elite Contractor, GAF warranties both the product and installation for up to 30 years.

The durability of asphalt shingles might be a surprise to many. Perhaps the best indication of how long a roof will last is the warranty offered. In the case of GAF, they offer a Golden Pledge when a company certified as a Master Elite Contractor installs the roofing, a certification that Scott Miley Roofing has earned and carries. Kyle McAllister explains, “GAF’s Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty is the first manufacturer’s warranty to cover both manufacturing defects and the contractor’s workmanship. Whether or not the contractor remains in business or retires, GAF will stand behind his workmanship for up to 30 years. The Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty is available only through GAF Master Elite™ Contractors who are factory-certified by GAF. It is our strongest warranty available.” The background for this warranty is that some defects can be attributed to manufacturing and others to installation. GAF has sufficient confidence in certified installers like Scott Miley Roofing to cover both with 50-year non-prorated protection for manufacturer defects and up to 30 years on contractors’ workmanship.

Locally-Based Service and Installation

New roofs and replacement roofs in a variety of products are the core of Scott Miley Roofing’s business, but additionally the company makes repairs, adds skylights, and offers waterproofing. “People come to us for a long-term commitment where they can rely on us for service.” To better serve their customers, Scott Miley Roofing also installs seamless custom copper rain gutters, custom fireplace caps, sheetmetal fabrication, waterproof exterior cladding, and metal siding. “Metalwork requires bending and fitting on site, and we have upgraded our equipment for those tricky radius bends,” says Miley.

Scott Miley and his team have installed roofs and related products for countless homes in the Wood River Valley, and they know the products that keep homes dry, warm, and safe while looking their best.

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