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Controlling advanced video and audio systems, as well as home management systems like heating and cooling, shades, lighting, and security, doesn’t have to be stressful if you have the right device and a top professional to configure it.

No industry affecting the majority of us seems to be changing as fast as technology. In the digital age, everything is moving so fast and it seems that as soon as you figure something out, it’s obsolete and replaced. Few would argue that keeping up with technology is a challenge of living in the modern era.

New technologies and advances in equipment bombard Jess Goitiandia, owner of Audio Innovations in Hailey, all the time, and it’s his job to stay abreast of changes. People frequently ask him: Isn’t technology supposed to make life simpler instead of more complicated? Jess responds, “No one likes to feel overwhelmed, nor does anyone want to buy and install equipment that they cannot fully enjoy and operate. Technology needs to be accessible and friendly, and that’s a good reason to use Crestron control systems.”

Crestron Control Systems

“I would say Crestron is the undisputed leader in the home automation industry. Essentially, Crestron controllers offer technology to integrate other technologies into one platform,” Jess explains. “That platform is intuitive and easy to use. It monitors, manages, and controls. It’s easily maintained, and simple to modify and upgrade. It avoids inconsistencies and unreliable performance.”

The combination of monitoring, managing, and controlling describes how Crestron functions in a home or business. While control of audio and video is more familiar, managing entire home systems is growing in importance. An example is motorized shades and drapery, as Jess explains, “The simplest function is opening and closing window coverings while you are at home, but programming can offer more benefits, like automatically adjusting the window coverings to suggest someone is at home for enhancing security. Also, with programming tied to monitoring temperatures and the seasonal path of the sun, the system can open and close blinds and drapes to control heat gain in the home.”

Technology to Make Life Simpler- Sun Valley Creston

How can something so small that it sits barely noticed on a kitchen counter below the cabinets, atop a living room console table, or beside a bed be so powerful? A Crestron controller resembling a touchpad tablet fits easily into any home setting.

Lighting is another home operation, and the presets on the Crestron controllers allow programming light levels to what works best for the homeowners’ lifestyles. Climate sensing and control is also built into most home automation, and here Jess sees another advantage to those who travel and are second homeowners. “Crestron is web-based, and an internet connection to a mobile device allows you to adjust the temperature of the home, turn on the lights, start up the music, and prepare the spa for the minute you arrive. You have constant control of your main residence, a second residence, or even a marine vessel.”

And Jess stresses that Crestron has not stayed stagnant with audio and video. “Crestron is always expanding its capabilities. The most recent upgrade is for video. It allows for 4K viewing and running four channels simultaneously. An earlier update allows for live streaming, which I was pleased to see. In my opinion, that’s the direction where things will continue to go. Also, Crestron can interface with Amazon’s Alexa for voice control.”

Users can select a Creston controller from a number of options, depending upon preferences, and Jess has experience with them all. The wireless touchpad resembles a tablet, and it can be mounted on a base for tabletop use or be handheld. In addition to controller functions, it can also stream video or be used to browse the internet. A smaller (4.3-inch) wireless touch screen device resembles a remote control. Creston also makes Cameo wall-mounted keypads, and a marine controller offers water resistance.

Audio Innovations specializes in Crestron equipment and programming. They are Crestron Certified Technology Professionals, and they understand the various products’ strengths and will recommend the correct product for any project. Jess reflects on the difference he and the team can make. “Audio Innovations specializes in managing technology in large homes to make them function like a small home. Time at home can be dedicated to quality experiences instead of fussing with electronics.”

Technology to Make Life Simpler- Sun Valley Audio Innovations

Simpler operation of home systems is the key to Crestron controllers and programming by Audio Innovations. One device provides central operation for shades and drapes, heating and cooling, lighting, sophisticated audio and video systems, and much more, in addition to internet browsing. It’s tidier and easier than a basket of remotes.

A Local Neighbor

Audio Innovations is a locally-owned business based in Hailey. There’s a retail showroom to browse the latest products and pick up connectors and cables. The Hailey location is also the base for the business’s other services. Audio Innovations is a system designer, programmer, installer, and source for service and for reprogramming when adding new electronic components to a home system.

“Audio Innovations works with anything electrical where craftsmanship, pride, and installation matters,” Jess answers. “We do the wiring ourselves, program, and can integrate operations with a Crestron controller to make certain that all the equipment delivers everything intended.”

A native of the area, Jess Goitiandia founded his business in 1992 after completing his university studies. As equipment has become more sophisticated and lifestyle electronics much more common, Audio Innovations has grown to meet the demand, a demand that includes prewiring homes for the future, anticipating the direction of new technology, and managing complex installations. “We have never lost sight of the fact that we are a local business and people count on us. We do the technical work so that our customers can enjoy their systems. We make a commitment to be there for them. We service our products and troubleshoot problems.”

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