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Since 1975, Intermountain Construction, Inc., has completed complex projects and met schedules others call impossible while winning awards and creating relationships that endure. By Ann Zimmerman


Intermountain Construction is a family business, and as such, each generation builds upon the strengths, integrity, and the inspiration for quality and craftsmanship of the preceding one. Family has a broad meaning to Tyler Ogden. To him, it extends to the trusted long-time employees and subcontractors who have stood with him as the third generation takes over to lead the company following the tragic accidental death of his father Jeff Ogden in 2010.

“If someone could take an x-ray of the company, they would find a stronger heartbeat than ever,” Tyler comments. “The Intermountain team is looking forward to new challenges, projects, and new relationships. In many ways we are the same. We believe in doing what we say we will do, and performing true to our foundation of integrity. High expectations and commitment are a part of every job. Whether it is driving a marker stake, pushing a broom, or installing the finish carpentry, quality is assured at every stage.”


Forming the Foundation

Myrt Ogden founded Intermountain Construction in 1975. The Idaho Falls general contractor started with small projects, and the company soon grew in stature and reputation. In 1989, Intermountain was awarded the opportunity to restore and remodel the world-famous Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park. This caught the eye of execs at Sun Valley, and Sun Valley retained Intermountain Construction to build the Warm Springs Day Lodge, which they completed in a mere eight months.

The combination of speed and quality on this project enabled Intermountain to bid on and be awarded Seattle Ridge Day Lodge and the River Run Day Lodge. This was the start of a lasting relationship with Sun Valley Company, which includes the construction of many fast-track projects, such as the award-winning Sun Valley Pavilion, the Golf Club House, and Carol’s Dollar Mountain Lodge.

“We have been fortunate to be a part of these unique projects that have had next to impossible deadlines. Intermountain has always had the ‘we can do it attitude’ and that’s how we have done business. It’s a team effort and a general must rely on great sub-contractors that do what they say they will do.”


Jay Ferguson, a project superintendent for the White Clouds project, puts it more bluntly when he says, “Get out of my way, and let me build!”

“My father ingrained in us his motto that time is money,” Tyler explains. “Working closely with our subcontractors and supporting everyone’s efforts is the key. We value good communications, and in turn good communications support fast-track scheduling.”

The John Paul Lodge at the top of the downhill course at Snow Basin, elevation 9,000 feet, took scheduling to a whole new level. Intermountain Construction completed it in six months, and even Tyler acknowledges the accomplishment. “It’s amazing to build a lodge in such a short amount of time, but to build a lodge on top of a mountain while having D-9 Cats pulling equipment to and from the job is another ball game. The day after Thanksgiving, the whole Ogden family was up there washing windows in a snow storm, and it was fully functioning by the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics.”

living the legacy

When asked about what the company legacy means to him, Tyler responds “It is heart, dedication and loyalty to one another; it means integrity and not letting the client down, paying attention to details; and being versatile to adapt from one job to the next. No two jobs are alike.” He then adds, “Our employees share this commitment and exemplify what this company stands for.”

A GSA Honor Award for Construction Excellence granted to Intermountain Construction for the US Point of Entry in Blaine Washington independently echoes this in the narrative of the award, “Ahead of schedule, under budget, innovative use of simple materials, and an extraordinary problem-solving partnership on-site.” It acknowledges the contribution of Derek Wright, now Vice President of Intermountain Construction.

Tyler continues with the list of qualities that are deep within the company’s culture. “We communicate with the homeowner and the architect on a personal basis, and we try to keep it fun for everyone involved. We offer flexibility so the clients always feel in control. We take pride in transparency—our records, receipts, time sheets—nothing is hidden.”


Speed and schedule are not the only hallmarks of Intermountain Construction; the other is the quality of their homes and buildings. “One of my favorite quotes,” says Tyler, “is the famous quote from Aristotle: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

Intermountain Construction has received many awards, but two national awards from the Associated General Contractors of America stand out for Tyler. The restoration of the Old Faithful Inn earned Intermountain Construction the Build America Award, an annual recognition for the nation’s outstanding construction projects that epitomize excellence in commercial construction. A peer group judged them the winner on the criteria of meeting the challenges of a difficult job; excellence in project management; innovation in construction techniques; and state-of-the-art advancement. The second is the SIR award: the initials signify skill, integrity, and responsibility. It is granted to an individual and recognizes contributions to the strength of the construction industry.

Intermountain Construction has left a lasting mark on Sun Valley’s built environment with the lodges, Music Pavilion, numerous fine private residences, condominium projects, the Golf Club House, and now the homes at White Clouds. With a solid foundation based on quality and conscientiousness, the company is eager to take on new challenges and projects.

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