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Western States Geothermal provides an array of services to accommodate all of their clients needs including energy audits, building monitoring, upgrades or design-build projects.

“We assess what the current energy demand is by evaluating existing equipment, counting appliances and calculating the loads of energy cost,” reveals Western States Geothermal Ron Pierce. “Our goal at WSG is to show how your building is performing in real time on a computer or Smartphone. The improvements will be dazzling.”

When there’s a need for a feasibility study and design-build process, WSG is available and essential to the design-build process when concepts are created and the best renewable energy system can be administered with the architect, builder and owner before construction is initiated.

WSGs state-of-the-art monitoring system, savings and service are a priority for all of their clients. Residents and business owners benefit from decreased utility bills as much as a decrease from $5,000 to $1,500 per month through WSGs monitoring system. A WSG system will allow an owner to make temperature and other adjustments from anywhere in the world with an online or mobile connection through the Internet.

WSG will also accommodate existing buildings to creating upgrades and improvements for maximum savings. Improvements to high-performance HVAC systems, furnace and boiler replacement, high-efficiency heating, geothermal and solar as well as hybrid systems will benefit any structure in a high-dessert mountain climate.

“We embrace the saying ‘delivering on the promise’ because we have the focus, discipline and commitment to get the job done right the first time,” says Pierce. “We’re pragmatists, so our energy solutions make sense and work for the client.”

Committed to making homes and business energy efficient, WSG cutting-edge technology will provide a rapid recovery of higher initial system expenses—a value investment. One-time expenditures will be recouped through lower costs, tax credits and incentives. WSG services are not only a wise investment but an excellent attraction for resale value too.

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