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When one meets Gail Dwyer they are drawn immediately to her style, energy and enthusiasm because she lives and breathes life as a work-in-progress where ideas flow and people create. For Dwyer, her slice of Sun Valley life is one of beauty and style, created on her own, while always maintaining Sun Valley traditions.

Dwyer, owner of GLD Interiors based in Sun Valley, Idaho, brings a world of vision to her clients and projects. As an interior designer in a high-profile resort area, she offers a vast array of fresh and unique design ideas. Second family homeowners seek out Dwyer to revitalize their homes through her expertise in interior design and remodeling as well as decorating for events and holidays. She not only makes sure a house is stocked and vehicles are serviced, but she provides her clients with full property management service in their absence.

Her projects have ranged from designing vintner dinners for the Sun Valley Center for the Arts Wine Auction weekend to providing homes for showcase at The Community Library Tour of Homes.

Dwyer has an uncanny ability to source materials and wares from unimaginable sources, which is what sets her a part from most designers. “It’s a skill set that I have to do anything,” Dwyer said. “And with event planning, it’s a slam dunk for me to get it all done to make it all work.”

Dwyer has partnered with several Wood River Valley businesses throughout the years. Her background from living as an ex-patriot in Russia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands has also provided her with a global sense of style that she incorporates into every project.

She was essential to creating the modern and stylish Sun Valley Film Festival headquarters in 2012 where she managed to acquire materials through donations and her own volunteer time to create a vision of a working business space that doubled as a filmmaker center for the festival. Dwyer combined new furnishings, vintage accessories and her unique design concepts to attract filmgoers. Dwyer said there are many items to pull from in Sun Valley.

“It was a pleasure to work with a team of people in the valley, who were able to help me pull my inspiration and source material,” said Dwyer. “The vision is to play off something that I was able to recycle for the main entryway 35mm film reel tables that I custom designed utilizing existing materials. We created a space that is functional for film festival directors and producers to show their literature as a display under glass.”


Beyond her designing, Dwyer has aspirations to design a furniture line for western living. “I’ve worked with many talented crafts people in the valley, who are all able to take my vision and create it,” she said. “I’ve had great collaborations that I’ve built up over the years.”

Dwyer’s knowledge of fine art, western living and contemporary style are always in her toolbox. There’s no limit to her imagination and design skills, which she can bring to any space be it inside or outdoors. If she is going to create something, you’ll want to know.

For more information call Gail Lawson-Dwyer at 208.309.2777 or visit