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Audio Innovations: Meeting the challenges of the smarthome. Creating systems where the finest and most advanced audio, home theater, lighting, and control products can serve the user with simplicity and ease.

udio Innovations designs and creates intuitive, functional and powerful systems with straightforward intelligent operation that places clients at ease with ever changing and evolving technology. And what could be better for those of us who appreciate the improvements in sound and video quality, want energy-efficient and well-planned lighting, and don’t want to miss a moment of excitement in the home theater? While most of us like to stay on top of exciting new technology and enjoy the potential of the newest gear, we just don’t have the expertise to recognize the advances of components that would best do the job and to know how to integrate them into a user-friendly system.

If you don’t want a basketful of remote controls that you, your family and your guests don’t know how to use, it may be time to become acquainted with Jess Goitiandia, owner of Audio Innovations and companion business, TJ’s Electric.

“Homes are getting smarter,” agreed Jess. “There are new systems that operate though the Internet so from anywhere you can control varying temperatures in different wings of the home or turn up the heat, open the drapes, activate the spa, and illuminate lights in anticipation of your arrival. Security and visual surveillance can also easily be integrated into these systems. Also, controls are making great strides toward making homes greener both for new construction and remodels.”

Locally Based Business Reaches Globally
Jess Goitiandia is an expert in complex circuitry and robotics—the kind of guy who probably loved his honors physics lab, but didn’t find it sufficiently challenging. He decided to forgo the bright lights of the city and build a business at home doing what had always interested him, home electronics. For those who are also attached to the Wood River Valley, Jess’s choice to live in the area where he was raised and generations of his family live makes sense. He works in his combination showroom and workshop in Hailey with his wife, Terri, and an accomplished crew.

From this base, Jess and colleagues design, install, and maintain some of the most sophisticated home electronic systems in the world, custom for each owner’s needs. “Right now I’m working on a home’s electrical panel for a remote island in the Caribbean’s hurricane alley. By using the latest in LED lighting, I can run all the lighting through just one circuit. This small load means that a UPS battery backup can keep the home running with a full load for six hours, and a small generator can easily handle it after that. I can isolate and control areas of a home so there is no phantom load when not in use.”

LED, the Way of the Future
“We are right at the onset of a revolution in lighting with LED,” observed Jess. “Costs are going down and full systems are becoming available.”

The benefits Jess described for LED form a long list. Since LED is durable with a 30,000-hour longevity, it’s possible to not have to change bulbs for 30 years, which is a big advantage for high ceilings and other hard-to-reach fixtures. Unlike incandescent bulbs, they remain cool to the touch. They are safer than compact fluorescent bulbs that when shattered can disperse hazardous mercury and require special disposal at the end of life. Of course, LED lighting saves more energy than other alternatives.

New LED-based televisions carry Energy Star® ratings. “Right now we carry two Sony and one Sharp models in the showroom, and I anticipate more selections soon.”

The Best and Latest in Audio & Visual Equipment
For anyone interested in electronics, the Audio Innovations showroom is jaw dropping—it’s simply a collection of the best available components and controllers on the market. Not only does the staff at Audio Innovations recognize and appreciate the best, suppliers of these prestigious lines have selected Audio Innovations to represent them. When asked about McIntosh, who makes video projectors, processors, source units and pre-amps, Jess responded, “They sell only through designated dealers. We have an exclusive relationship with McIntosh, so we are their only showroom in Idaho. The next closest location is Seattle.”

It is simple and smart to go green
With one control, a click when you are away from home turns off the phantom load of appliances that require a constant electrical drain, like televisions. Place a home in vacation mode, and it shuts off energy in the periphery while keeping the kitchen lively, and also randomly turns on and off lights to mimic someone’s presence in the home. The same control activates the solar system after the snow melts, monitors the wind turbine, and turns down the hot water heater and furnace. This control system saves energy, time and worry.

Advances in Entertainment
Home electronics is a thrilling frontier of innovations and advancements with no limits in sight. When you pose the question to Jess about what’s new, prepare for a fascinating conversation.

“Most electronics show consistent improvements. Right now some of the most exciting new products are intended to offer more choices, flexibility and variety in audi

o and video. Multi-channel audio personalizes whole-home audio to offer different sources for separate listeners at the same time—I pods, satellite, or Internet. Kaleidescape similarly can serve a number of people in the same household with different movies, or even allow separate people to start the same movie at staggered times. There are options to have over 5,000 movie titles to choose from on a music/video server, and they are instant.”

During a discussion about the fuller, richer sound available through analog, Jess added, “For audiophiles, McIntosh has a new digital-analog converter that has the most exact sound I’ve encountered.” These new advances join the familiar options with improved products for surround sound and a variety of choices for projection units or flat screens, including a model that is 103 inches across.

To sum up Audio Innovations, it’s a firm that works with anything electrical where craftsmanship and pride of ownership and installation matters. They design and engineer systems, install them, do the wiring themselves, and integrate the operations with a single controller that’s easy to use and reliable. They back up the products’ warranty, are available for service calls, and when you are ready to add another great piece of the latest equipment, Audio Innovations will be there to smoothly incorporate it into the system.

Homes are getting smarter so they efficiently serve you better and save energy, and Audio Innovations can bring this technology to you without any of the frustrations. Find them on the web, and schedule an appointment to experience the products in the showroom. ~ By Ann Zimmerman

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