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Ketchum Galleries: Everything You Expect to
Find in a Major City

Ketchum is the perfect town for strolling through the galleries. The spirited art scene samples some of the world’s best paintings, photography and sculpture, both contemporary and time-tested. There’s just no escaping beauty and enjoyment—leaving the doors of the galleries, presents the views to the surrounding mountains, something other cities can’t offer.

The Wood River Valley is serious about art. This support is evident in the communities’ efforts to fundraise to build a gem of a green building for a new home for the Sun Valley Center for the Arts. Through the years, the Sun Valley Center for the arts has anchored and unified the arts community with exhibits, lectures, performances and classes.

Many of the Ketchum galleries and the Sun Valley Center for the Arts have joined together to form the Sun Valley Gallery Association. It sponsors nine regular evening art walks that coincide with opening new exhibits and visits by the artists. These are lively evenings where people gather and engage in conversations with other enthusiasts and enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres offered by the galleries. In addition, a descriptive gallery guide is all one needs to launch a solo trip around town. The guide contains a handy map and short descriptions of each gallery’s offerings.

For private groups and conventions, the Association arranges gallery tours (208-726-5512; The commentary during the tours offers extra understanding to better appreciate the pieces.

There isn’t a designated starting place for the gallery walk, so you can park by any of the galleries, grab a gallery guide, and start a loop using the map in the guide, as all locations are in a close cluster in Ketchum. Many plan their tour to meet up with friends at a favorite dinner spot. Here’s a quick list of the galleries that sponsor the gallery walks and the works they feature. There are other galleries to enjoy along the way, too.
~ By Ann Zimmerman

Featured Galleries:

Sun Valley Center for the Arts
Corner of 5th and Washington | 208-726-9491 |
The heart of the arts community, the non-profit Sun Valley Center for the Arts features interdisciplinary exhibits, and frequently
hosts lectures and performances. Classes are offered; and on Tuesdays, docent tours.

Gail Severn Gallery
400 First Avenue North | 208-726-5079 |
Especially spacious, Gail Severn Gallery features contemporary arts, and group shows organized around a theme. There is a sculpture
garden, and the gallery is a source for hard-to-find art books.

Frederic Boloix Fine Arts
320 First Avenue North, Suite 203 | 208-726-8810 |
This is the place to find works by Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Miró, and others, plus contemporary art.

Friesen Gallery
First Avenue and Sun Valley Road | 208-726-4174 |
Friesen has a gallery in Seattle, as well. Friesen features European and American contemporary paintings, sculpture, and glass. A winter
exhibit highlights Speak for the Trees, a compilation of works by noted artists and writers (see sidebar).

Gallery DeNovo
N/E corner First Ave. North & Sun Valley Rd | 208-726-8180 |
Gallery DeNovo features international painters, photographers and sculptors.

Kneeland Gallery
271 First Ave. North | 208-726-5512 |
Kneeland specializes in exhibiting the work of artists who live and work in the western states.

Broschofsky Galleries
360 East Avenue | 208-726-4950 |
Located in a courtyard, Broschofsky exhibits in 19th-21st century historic, traditional and contemporary American art. The Curtis photographs are a must-see.

Gilman Contemporary
661 Sun Valley Road | 208-726-7585 |
As Gilman’s name suggest, they feature paintings, photography and sculpture with a contemporary flare.

Mark the Dates and Make an Art Date: 2010 GALLERY STROLLS
All 5:00 pm-8:00 pm

February 12, Friday

March 5, Friday

May 29, Saturday

July 2, Friday

August 6, Friday

September 3, Friday

October 8, Friday

November 26, Friday

December 29, Wednesday

SFP Studio Opens
New this year is Stephanie Freid-Perenchio’s studio and gallery, designed as a gathering place with comfortable furnishings that invite browsers in to view her photographs and discuss the photo books she has produced in collaboration with friend and writer Jennifer Walton on Africa, rodeos, and the navy SEALS (The Unspoken Sacrifice).

SFP Studio, 680 Sun Valley Rd., Ketchum, 727-6803,

Speak for the Trees
Friesen Galley owner, Andria Friesen took a line from Dr. Seuss’s environmental classic, The Lorax, and invited 76 artists from around the world to submit an original piece with a narrative or quotation from diverse writers that address speak for the trees. Included in the76 are Mark Ryder, Patrick Dougherty, the Starn Brothers, David Hockney, and Yoko Ono. Friesen launches the book and unveils some of the pieces at a gala opening timed with the art walk on Wednesday December 30, 2009, between 5:00 and 8:00 PM with some of the artists in attendance.

Friesen Gallery, First Avenue and Sun Valley Rd., Ketchum, 726-4174,

Sun Valley Center for the Arts
Known for its interdisciplinary exploration of stimulating current topics, the Sun Valley Center for the Arts has a solid lineup for winter and spring. Beginning December 18, 2009, the Center presents Outside In: Indian Art Abroad with exhibits at the Center’s Ketchum and Hailey locations. With 22 million Indians living abroad, the Center features artists, writers, and filmmakers living and working outside India. From the performing arts, Ragmala Dance Theater comes to Hailey. The lecture series features imprisoned journalist Roxana Saberi; author Sir Salman Rushdie; and Donna Shalala, former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

I Spy: Surveillance and Security opens February 26, 2010. Artists explore the forces of the intrusion of privacy by surveillance and the promise of greater security. The lecture series features author, technology expert and attorney Frederick Lane III, and John Lehman, former Secretary of the Navy and member of the 9/11 Commission for interesting perspectives. For dates, times, and other events sponsored by the Center, including classes:

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