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Admit it, you have an inquiring mind, and you want to know about the team designing your Sun Valley dream home. We understand so we decided to bring you conversations with the talented people designing, building, and outfitting your homes.

Redeux Decor Interiors is a full-service residential interior design firm specializing in warm and approachable interiors, with a fresh twist. THEY bring expertise and creative vision to every project, while always keeping THEIR client’s personal design taste and lifestyle in mind.


Redeux Decor Interiors
Heather McGregor, founder

Heather McGregor is the founding principal of Redeux Decor. Since its inception, the business has exploded into a full-fledged design house and furniture showroom in Hailey. They are also excited to announce the Redeux Decor online shop coming soon.

We offer a few different services and we can accommodate a variety of client needs. Our team has over 25 years of combined experience and we are capable of handling multiple projects.

Full-Service Design: Full-service design is the “soup to nuts” experience wherein we handle all aspects of the project, including cabinet design, interior finish selections, lighting, and furniture/decor packages. We understand the building process and have a strong architecture background that enables us to guide the client fluidly through the construction process.

Furniture & Decor Package: Sometimes our clients only need furniture and decor to complete their space. We facilitate the process from concept to completion, starting with the creation of a curated furniture package in combination with detailed quotes, and finishing with a full installation. Best of all, we have a showroom where a client can explore fabrics and do sit-tests, and we also have a large collection of art and accessories on hand to style a space.

In-Home Consultation: For someone who likes to tackle projects on their own but needs specific design guidance, we offer a 1.5-hour in-home consultation. During the meeting, we act as your private design team and get you ready to hit the ground running with an amazing design plan!

We use a high-level design software that is a very integral part of our space planning process. It’s a program that toggles back and forth between 2D and 3D and is crucial in helping our clients visualize their home before construction starts. Eiron is highly skilled and can make fast adjustments to a design while the client is present at the meeting. It also provides a 3D visual walk-through so clients can get an accurate feeling of the scale of a space that a 2D floor plan can’t provide. The 3D capability gives us insight into where design adjustments need to be made before we get too far into the specification details.

We use a high-level design software that is a very integral part of our space planning process. It’s a program that toggles back and forth between 2D and 3D and is crucial in helping our clients visualize their home before construction starts.
-Heather McGregor

We have a four-phase design process that is the foundation of our working relationship with the client. We know the construction journey can be trying at times so having a clearly defined process helps the clients know where they are at each stage of construction.

Phase 1 – Conceptual Design: The goal of this phase is to formulate an overall design schematic to make sure we are aligned with our client’s vision before deep-diving into specifics. It is an exciting jumping-off point and the close communication helps reduce unnecessary revisions.

Phase 2 – Detailed Design: In this phase, we select specific finish selections and create furniture layouts for each room. All of our construction documents are prepared and sent to the contractor. The design is in motion.

Phase 3 – Procurement and Project Management: The construction is in full swing during this phase. We work in conjunction with the general contractor to monitor job progress and are also tracking orders and coordinating deliveries of furniture and lighting. Exciting things are happening!

Phase 4 – Installation and Wrap-Up: The building phase is complete (for the most part) so it’s time to install furniture and style the client’s home. This is where the magic happens and to see the look on the client’s face after months of construction is always amazing!

We are currently involved in a wide range of projects that require a lot of creative ingenuity and thought. We just completed a stunning modern farmhouse new build in Hailey and are mid-construction on a 5,000-plus-square-foot home in Ketchum. We are also doing a large-scale renovation of a mid-valley riverfront home that was built in 1974. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the era of the home, while bringing in contemporary finishes and modern comforts. (We’re going to make river rock fireplaces cool again!) Another exciting project is an industrial loft that is being converted into a living space. We were hired to design the interiors and when you have immobile pipes, vents, ducting, and exposed ceilings there are many considerations regarding cabinet and lighting locations. It’s been a fun challenge to create a functional and hip space while working around the existing features. Lastly, we have a couple of condo renovations that are similar to the mid-valley home in that we want to maintain some original qualities of the space while bringing them up to date style-wise. Lots of fun things are happening!

I can’t narrow it down to the “best” because there are too many, but a really fun one was a diving trip I took to Utila, part of the Bay Islands in Honduras. I was living in Nicaragua doing disaster relief work and took a weekend to go on vacation by myself. I had never dived before, but you can get a certification in three days there. Not sure if that’s the way it’s normally done, but I had a blast!

The hometown camaraderie and the idea that it does take a village to raise kids. As parents, we all watch out for each other and I think the kids know that nothing gets past us because there are eyes everywhere (in a good way). Professionally, it is the best place to work! We have projects all over the valley, so we get to know a lot of tradespeople and contractors and I am a strong advocate of maintaining positive working relationships with them because jobs are just more fun that way. My studio is only a 30-second bike commute from my house.

In a dream world scenario, I would own a horse rescue center. Goats and chickens welcome too!